Friday, November 13, 2009

Yo Mama ('s shoes)

Ok. So many of you all (and by "you all" I mean the five or six people who read this blog and the many many voices in my head) will not be aware of my Great Shoe Tragedy. See, once upon a time I was a single, non-mom type person who blew vast sums of her discretionary income on the thing she loved most.... shoes. Just in Doc's alone, I had eight pairs (eight, it's totally ridiculous). I had flowery boots, red shoes, black mules... even a true thing of beauty: midnight-blue steel-toed Mary Janes (sob). Oh how I love Mary Janes. The little strap. The rounded toe. The... Mary Janieness of it all. And there were all the other shoes. Heels, flats, sandals, boots.

And then, they happened. Children. Sure you're supposed to love them unconditionally, but it's just so hard when they make your feet get two sizes bigger.

Words fail me.

I'll... try to... take a deep breath... and tell you the awful... truth.

After I had my kids... I had to give away all my shoes. (sob)

I need a moment.

I still haven't recovered from the Great Shoe Tragedy. I have about six pairs of wearable shoes and really they're all ugly. You see, I just couldn't justify having expensive shoes when the kids needed stuff like diapers and clothes and food and stuff. But now, I'm trying to "be cute everyday" as so eloquently extolled by The Slapdash Sewist in her blog yesterday. Unfortunately, the kids still want clothing and food (they're so needy) so I can't buy the ten different pairs of shoes I want (fine, so 7 of them are Mary Janes. They're all different.)

So, before I return to the endless polo slog, I mean blog, I have a question: Are these shoes horrible?

(note: clicking will take you to

I need something to fulfil my requirements:

1) comfortable to stand in at length (like, 5-6 hours)
2) can be worn with skirts and/or jeans if needed
3) don't cost the $420 that the Taryn Rose shoes I wanted to buy cost

My hesitation on this pair of shoes, despite fulfilling all my requirements, is that they are Clark's. Typically I think of Clark's as being... matronly. This is most notably reinforced by the fact that my mom wears them. A lot.

So. Clarks Mary Janes. Yes? No? Oooo. Let's try out the PollDaddy thing. I've never had a reason to use that before.


  1. So, I voted, but I just have to add - Those are freaking adorable!!

  2. I love Clark's. Who cares as long as they are comfy. I couldn't wear those heels though.


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