Friday, May 21, 2010

I Am Not Famous

Remember how I said the construction industry is dead?  There is no industry zombie action.  It's still dead.

So here's a game I started playing this week whilst trying to stay awake at work.  It's called "Putting The Names of People I Know Into The Wikipedia Search Engine". 

I had no idea that I know so few Famous People.  So far they include:

  • Big In Japan, for being a SUPERSTAR
  • my grandfather, as the publisher of a whole bunch of books listed under other people's entries
  • his brother, for starting one of the first discount supermarket chains in the US
  • a guy I went to grad school with, for making (what I personally have always considered to be) somewhat-ridiculous-but-very-successful art
  • my professor from grad school, for being a famous artist (and hence a professor in a grad school)
  • probably a bunch of other people related to my going to school, if I could be bothered to remember their names which apparently I can't (etc etc etc)
  • The Husband's cousin, for being a professional cricket player

I clearly don't hobnob enough.  Or possibly I should learn to remember people's names more routinely.

Although I will say there are apparently many many people not in Wikipedia who probably could be.  Maybe it's not that I don't hobnob.  Maybe they need better publicists. 

And can I also just say: When, oh when, will they start selling HobNobs  in the US?  Huh?  WHEN?  Will the madness never end?!?


So.  Who do you know?


  1. I know Brad Keselowski, the NASCAR driver. He was a math student of mine and once said, "I'll never need Algebra in my life, I'm going to race cars." I'll be darned, he was right...

  2. they do sell hobnobs in the u.s.! we dine on them regularly. also mcvitie's dark chocolate digestives, which are particularly smashing, and the cadbury's version, which my mister gobbles while muttering "**** you kraft" under his breath. (he's from the uk.)

  3. Hmmmm.... maybe it's just that they're not sold in north Texas backwaters (much like, oh let's say, a reasonable cup of coffee or decent bread). Actually, this might be a good thing. HobNobs are not conducive to trying to cut back on carbs. At all.

    Oh yeah. That's from me, Beangirl. I'm logged out because I'm at work. Tsk tsk. Bad employee.

  4. Well, they are pretty carb-heavy. BUT they do fit the Weight Watchers credo of choosing options with more fiber (should I say fibre?) as they have nearly 1g each. I think McVities have 1g+ each. So they're better carbs than many other carbs. I can justify anything, see?

    Let me know if you ever get a craving, I can post you some . . . a few groceries around here are starting to have British food racks. Lots of goodness to be had. I personally am denying myself the jar of spreadable Cadbury's. That just seems like it was created by evil demons to lure people down the path to hell. In fact, I think in the original Inferno the gluttons don't lie around in mud, they lie in spreadable Cadbury's . . . ;)

  5. Oooh which professional cricketer? Not that I'm likely to know English ones! Personally, my uncle was an All Black in the 60s (and having lived in New Zealand I KNOW you know who THEY are!) and since he was my Dad's brother I shared their very rare surname till I got married. I got asked (usually by older males) if I was related every so often.

    I am so going to wikipedia to see who I know....

  6. Ah... two of The Husband's cousins are actually in Wikipedia (maybe more, they're just the two I thought likely to be there). They're Gareth and Jeremy Batty. Gareth played for England and Jeremy played for Yorkshire. Apparently his uncle (who was involved in cricket for decades) isn't listed, which just proves my bad publicist theory. Or that he's 70 years old and doesn't know how to make a Wikipedia entry. Old people. Sheesh.

  7. I had no idea.

    But I can say that those chocolate covered bisquits look pretty tasty. Are Hob Nobs like McVitaes?

    Big in Japan


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