Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snowpocalypse 2011!

Ok, fine.  I stole that from The Colbert Report and The Onion.  It’s still funny.  We have a “snow day” here today, which probably would be more accurately called a “snow-on-top-of-inches-of-ice day”.  The news reports that all non-essential personnel at the city offices, the local state offices and the Air Force Base are to stay home today.  Everyone is asked to stay off the roads unless it’s essential, i.e. an emergency.  There’s a good inch of base ice under the four inches of snow we got last night. 

So of course, my boss decided that we should all go in today.

I stayed home.

So now while I ignore the Evil Monkeys whining about “going outsiiiiide”, I thought I’d post a photo of them in their jammies.  I made these before Christmas but never got around to taking pictures.  The Evil Monkeys love these nightgowns.  L-O-V-E love.  I like the graphic prints, which TLo picked out (mostly) by herself.  TLo has quite the visual sense.


The pattern is McCall’s M6189.
Total bedhead.  And I think The Big One has taken it into her bedhead that she can fly.  I’m not sure.  There seems little other explanation for this.
M6189-TBO-front M6189-TBO-back

M6189-TLO-front M6189-TLO-back

I also made these again using licensed flannels:


The pants and arms are bound with knit interlock, so they’re stretchy.  Because I bought small pieces of the flannel (do you know how much flippin’ Disney fabric costs, even on sale??) I had to piece in a sort of odd way.  But the Evil Monkeys love these too and should be able to wear them into spring.  They’re cuter on than they are on the floor.  So a winner.  (Sorry for the wrinkles, I don’t generally iron our jammies.  Well, let’s be honest.  I don’t generally iron anything.  So jammies are certainly at the bottom of the list.)


I altered the sleeve pattern to be more like a cap sleeve and obviously I made the pants into shorts instead of, you know, pants.  Besides slicing the pattern into pieced backs I think I followed the instructions for the most part because they were utterly basic, but I used a variety of bindings.  They called for bias tape and I only used that on the first nightgown (The Big One’s in black).  On TLo’s nightgown I used some lavender-colored FOE from the stash and on the nightie sets I used the white interlock on both.  I found, after doing The Big One’s first, that the bias tape didn’t really pull in the surplice fronts enough and they flopped around.  Using the FOE on TLo’s, I was able to stretch it so that the top snugs in a little and doesn’t flop.  Nice!


Great.  The Evil Monkeys are now Dressed To Go Outside.  That took about twenty minutes to accomplish.  So, about 10 times the actual length of time they’re likely to be outside. Any bets on when they’ll be back in complaining it’s too cold---?

Well.  If you had “twenty-five seconds”, you won.


  1. Snow on top of ice is the worst! We had an idiotic amount of snow on the weekend, but at least it waited until after the temperature dropped below freezing to arrive.

    The nighties are very cute. I agree about the Disney prints... We were looking at the licensed fleeces for my nieces' coats, but as my SIL said, it's a lot of money for not a lot of princess. So we went leopard instead.

  2. Lovely nighties - you're right about tlo's eye - spot on, I'd say. We haven't yet let the licensed fabric genie out of the bottle because letting our stroppy fairy discover that there is fabric out there with princesses on it is not commensurate with my fabric diet. Anyway, until my two are able to watch a Disney film without breaking down into Real Tears and having nightmares for weeks after, I really don't see why I should pander to their desire to partake of Disney merchandise!

  3. Yes, we are gearing up for the snow to slam into Michigan tonight. The kids in class are like, "Do you think we'll get 3 days off?" Give 'em an inch, they take a mile... Really cute nightgowns, love the prints!

  4. For years I refused to let my little princess learn that there even WAS Disney fabric. Now she is 26, so it's safe- whew! I did make her some Hello Kitty Jammies recently. Those are some cute pajamas, and what a nice mom you are to make them!

  5. Your jammies are cute! Glad the girls are so pleased with them.

    And where do they put all their snow covered gear when they come back in? In our house, its proper position is "right under Mom's feet."

  6. Very cute jammies! I don't iron either. I think that was the second thing I told DH upon meeting. Just so he'd know. (Maybe it was the first thing.)

  7. Love The Jammies. Thanks also for mentioning that you used the knit to pull in the neckline a bit. I made this pattern for christmas gifts and had the same problem with the neckline having too much gap. Next time I'll use the knit to edge it for sure!

  8. Cute jammies. I like the big floral prints. And the wrapover design is fun in nighttime wear.

    Snow on ice. I'd be afraid to go out driving if I lived where you do (because of all those other drivers!). Nobody here stays home, of course, but then snow is pretty old news. I don't let the kids go out at the point where exposed skin freezes in 1 minute. That's a good rule, I think.

  9. These are all fun pj's. I just had a feeling they wouldn't be out there too long! Ha ha, I remember how cold I used to get living in CO for a couple of winters as a child!

  10. Ick. Snow and ice. Isn't that why we live in Texas?? We shouldn't have to put up with this! We haven't had anything stick yet, but it's nasty icy and cold, which turns my kids into whiny monsters.
    I love those jammies!! Another to add to the list.

  11. Love that it took them 20 minutes to get ready and 20 seconds to get too cold!

    the jamms are adorable. The only time I ever iron jammies - we lived in England. :) Enjoy your snow day. g

  12. I think I want some pajamas like those!

  13. Aw, cute pj's! Snowpocalypse, Snowmageddon, it means I'm home for a couple of days! :D

  14. Your girls look very happy in those jammies. I love them.
    Be safe in the snow and ice!

  15. We called DC's big snow last February the Snowpocalypse (after the December Snowmageddon). I don't know who made it up, but Colbert stole it from DC!!!

    Cute PJs!

  16. Cute pj's...i'm actually hoping to sew my flannel nightshirt before spring comes (if it ever comes...). I was living in Houston when it snowed there-very scary..houstonians can barely drive at the best of times, with snow, it was just ugly..

    Sorry all you folks have snow, but us DC folks got all of it last year, so it is someone else's turn...


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