Thursday, August 18, 2011

This Is Your Brain. This Is Your Brain On… uh… TV.


jersey shore

This made me laugh out loud at work.  Which isn't really a good thing.  Because then people want to know what I'm doing when I'm (theoretically) supposed to be working.  Because my job isn’t that funny.  Normally.

They're so annoying, wanting me to do actual work and whatnot.  Sheesh.

But this made me laugh.  Because really?  I think it's totally hilarious that a crass, mass-market-posing-as-exclusivity, "let's all pretend to be living in the Hamptons even though we really live in Indianapolis" clothing store has the nerve to claim to be offended by a crass, manipulated-and-edited-but-posing-as-real, "let's all run around like stereotypical idiots" TV show.

It's like a $500-a-night "escort" who's offended at being compared to a $10-an-hour meth ho.  I'm sorry.  You're both still prostitutes.  I think getting into the issue of "classiness" or a lack thereof is just semantics.

The best part?  This headline has been posted under "Also In The News" on BBC News for over twenty-four hours now.   Apparently, “Also In The News” is BBC code for “This Is Totally Ridiculous But We Thought You Could Use A Laugh Today… And Maybe Tomorrow Too”.

I was just telling Angie A. that watching reality TV is like binging on birthday cake: sure it's fun for a little while, but then you get all queasy and sick.  On the other hand, last night she recommended something called "Dance Moms" that really sounds too good to pass up and also last night my sister recommended something called "Family Restaurant" that, just based on my sister's impersonations of the participants, sounds like something I may have to watch.

I take it back.  It's not like birthday cake.  It's like crack.

Just Say No.


  1. I generally don't care for reality TV, with the exception of 19 Kids and Counting (no I am not right wing fundamentalist christian) My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, obviously for very different reasons. I love the Duggars especially how their values haven't changed them one bit since fame came knocking on their door. My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding is like watching a train wreck on a different planet where the people kind of look the same but are clearly aliens. I just can't resist MGFGW, you gotta watch it. It is like crack cocaine cut with oxycontin and a dash of heroin thrown in for good measure.
    I don't know why I feel you need to know all this, but o well.

  2. because junkies like to get together and discuss their habits?

  3. This is scary. I try to stay away from reality TV as much as possible (much as I generally have avoided crack, in fact). I did end up watching an episode of "16 and Pregnant" at my cousin's once, and it was traumatic. Also it highlighted the differences between being 16 and pregnant and being 19 and pregnant (the latter of which I actually did. It would've made a good TV show, too, though). And made me realize that I'm only half a decade from having a 16-year-old. Ack. I'm traumatized all over again.


  4. I make a point of avoiding reality TV, but I've seen part of three Dance Mom episodes while walking the treadmill at the Y. It is so terrifying to watch and so hard to look away.

  5. Oh the things I miss out on not living in the US...

  6. My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding! This is why they invented Reality TV. When I mention Project Runway in conversation, I always get a blank stare. I say, "It's a reality TV show about sewing". Sheesh, I keep forgetting there are people who don't watch Project Runway- like, everyone who doesn't sew.

  7. Beangirl, I thought you might like this:

    Also, I'm not so much of an addict, more of a social-bad-tv-watcher. Prone to encouragement. I did once watch almost an entire season of "momma's boys". But in my defence I was finishing my masters thesis, and was clearly losing the plot.

  8. @Geri: bahahhahahah! (Although I do heart me some Jeremy Clarkson... apparently I have some sort of brain weakness when it comes to Yorkshiremen. It's sad really... maybe there's a support group...)

  9. Bean-girl, you be careful! I think half of England has Jeremy-Clarkson-fatigue-syndrome (a serious and not easily cured disorder brought on by watching waaaay too much Top Gear over an extended period). There's some poor folks out there, who don't even know they have it. Even occasionaly imbibing can have pretty serious long-term effects. Basically he's the crystal-meth of TV.


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