Friday, May 20, 2011

When Vampire Babies Attack!

TLo has never lost a tooth that The Big One didn’t knock out.  Seriously.  Right now she looks like Vampire Girl.


Lest you labor under the false impression that I haven't sewn anything the past month or two:

I made this.

I also made several other summer tops/dresses for TLo.  Really.  I just continue to suffer from a complete and utter lack of interest in discussing them.  Or photographing them.

I will tell you that on this one, I started with this pattern (Ottobre 1-2009 #35)

Ottobre 1-2009-35

and then altered the front so as to not have to suffer through making a totally superfluous (i.e. too fiddly for me to deal with more than once) front placket. 

I did do the front placket on the first version I made of this.  Honest.  But it was so totally annoying that I decided to just pare it down to the little placket version you see now.  To make the closures, I used salvaged buttons and some purple hair elastics.  Which is pretty cool.  Admit it.

Oh, and I converted the gathers to pleats.  I just prefer pleats.


  1. hey ! your camera DOES work!

    tlo is awesome as le rainbow vampire. i love reading about the sibling love while looking at her grinning face.

    (wv: warre. self explanatory.)

  2. Cute dress! I love the fabric, and I really like what you did with the placket, annoyance-inspired or not.

    Syo has just recently celebrated the triumphant return of her ability to eat corn-on-the-cob after years of vampirism. Also: watching a bunch of six-year-olds try to do birch-bark biting is the funniest thing ever.

    Seriously cute dress, though, I feel almost inspired to sew for my children...

  3. Love it without the annoying placket! After sewing 4 of those stupid things on the boys' Easter shirts, I'm definitely not doing it again soon (Which would explain why zero progress has been made on the hubby's shirt. That, and it's more fun to sew for me.).

  4. Super cute, fangs and all! I like pleats more than gathers, too. Great fabric!!

  5. Very cute dress! I'm glad you're making up all these Otto patterns my girls are about to grow into.

    It seems my kids did the beaver look instead of the vampire. I don't know which is....better. And strangely, my 10 y.o. lost a tooth the other. That took me by surprise. I just hope it really was a baby tooth!

  6. Good call on the placket and great choice on the fabric. Isn't The Big One the kid with the more Goth tendencies though?

  7. Cute dress! Ad you're right - the buttons with hair elastic is BRILLIANT

  8. Well this is a sweet little dress. Love the bright madras and very clever on the hair ties for button loops. I like the way you think!

  9. Look how happy she is in it too. Or is she happy with her toothlessness? In any case, it's adorable. Great fabric.

  10. That madras makes want to put on a big straw hat and lounge somewhere sunny! I think if I were grouchy just looking at that fabric would make me feel better!

  11. That's a pretty and comfy dress. She looks adorable! :)


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