Saturday, June 18, 2011

If Only Life Were Like The Interwebs…

So the other day I posted “Date Night”.   Pure drivel really, but having the distinct advantage of showcasing multiple pictures of Daniel Craig in various states of dress, undress and dustiness (I am not one hundred percent sure why this man gets hotter as he gets dustier, but there you go).

A few hours later, I happened to meander over to The Slapdash Sewist.  She has a substantial blog list, if you never noticed.  And when I glanced over to it?  My eye beheld this thing of beauty:

LOL I wish

Um.  Doesn’t that totally look like I went on Date Night with Daniel Craig?

That is awesome.

I have resolved to henceforth live my life only as it might look if viewed through blog caps on the internet.  Next week?  I make a gourmet dinner for 17 for under $3.50.


  1. I think if you can manage to go out with Daniel Craig, making a dinner for 17 that costs under #3.50 would be, well, the proverbial piece of cake (big evil grin).

  2. Thanks for my laugh of the day. You always make me smile and smiling makes me feel better, no matter what. It's hard to have a bad day when you are smiling throughout it.

  3. Wait, wha?? I go out of town for TWO BLEEPING SECONDS and you try to take my man and dirty him up and claim him? You ho.

    Must go see this travesty RFN.

  4. That's what you get for not reading my blog-- er, I mean, for leaving him all alone and whatnot. Mine.

  5. Yeah, that's what I thought when I saw it in my side bar. If anyone could pull it off, I figured it'd be beangirl.

  6. $3.50, really? I can't wait.

  7. Kristin, really, even if Daniel Craig asked you out your hubby just doesn't agree to celebrity freebies. But you went out anyway--naughty girl!
    ;) LOL

  8. @ Katharine - I know... he is totally Not Fun in that way. hmmph. ;-)


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