Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I Hate Linen.

No, really.  I hate it.

In case you suffered from the misapprehension that I haven’t sewn anything in the past three months, I can assure you I have.  At least one thing. 

This thing, to be precise:


No wait.  There’s more:



These, in case you were wondering, are photos of the linen jumper I made for TLo’s school uniform.  Which I took after I washed it.  For the fourth time. 

Yes.  You heard me.  I’ve only washed this garment four times.  And I’ll probably have to throw it in the trash.


I even piped the flippin’ pockets, people. 


(It’s extra-wrinkly because it’s still wet from the washer.  Also, I took a picture of my toes.  Neato.)



This is what I used to make the Evil Self-Destructionator 2000:  Ottobre 3/2011 #18.  Cotton gingham.  Outrageously poor-quality linen.

Ottobre Design 3/2011 #18


This is what a child looks like, frolicking and blithely making a mess, when she is blissfully aware that her dress has not self-destructed.

3-11-18 photo


I’m not even going to bother to show you what a child in our house looks like when her dress self-destructs.


  1. mmmm. i think world is having it's way with you.

    (to illustrate my point, WC is oozzflu. sounds like karmic illness to me.)

  2. Oh, I would be really annoyed too! I've never sewn with linen. I didn't know that could happen. Even on edges that are tucked inside! Could you add some bias binding to the neck edge/arm holes in order to save the dress?

  3. On the bright side, there is that optical illusion that you're very tall (i.e. your toes are very far away)

  4. I was going to suggest cutting off the top and throwing an elastic waistband in there to make a skirt, but I like Karin's bias-binding suggestion!

    This happened to the first dress I made Syo, but only because I used crappy thread and clipped the corners of the square neckline too close. I probably should've interfaced more, too. But that was made of mystery rayon and old cotton bedsheet, not fancy gorgeous linen.

    I think Oona's on to something... My word-verification is vendadm. Definitely some kind of vendetta of the karmic variety.

  5. Oh man, that sucks so bad. :-( I like Karin's idea of a rescue, I mean, if it doesn't work it was destined for the trash anyway, right? Good luck!

    LOL! My word verification is sombit...I say something rather similar in these types of situations. ;-)

  6. A bit of iron-on interfacing, understitching and top-stitching would have stopped that happening. Don't lose heart. Sew more and don't worry about your mistakes. Nobody ever got good at tennis by spending three months ruing a dropped serve. Sewing is a skill, a craft. You get good at it by practice.

    I agree with your friend, I would put a nice check bias binding over the top of that fraying.

  7. that seriously sucks and is so totally not fair

    I would try the bias binding that Karin suggested. That could save the day, uh dress.

  8. Unlike all these other do-gooders with helpful advice, I'd throw a tantrum, swear a LOT and consider torching it in sacrifice. Wait, don't start any fires over there in Texas!
    Also, I don't see any toes, except on the frolicking messmaker.


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