Saturday, December 3, 2011

I Had A Bad Feeling About This...

And I wasn’t wrong.  But eventually it worked out.  I won't bore you with the gory, painful details.  Suffice it to say, after nearly two months (you heard me, two months) and multiple phone calls to Official Agencies (don't ask) I finally –finally– got my Star Wars Purse Of Awesomeness. 

On the up-side, I actually had occasion to say to a faceless Customer Service Drone -- er... Representative, "Yes. This is the Star Wars purse I was looking for."


While this Star Wars Purse of Awesomeness is, well, awesome, it does have a minor (minor) flaw.  Namely, being a bowling-style bag it only has one inner pocket.  Which is actually one more pocket than I was expecting, but not sufficient pocketness to hold, you know, My Stuff.

But I have Stuff!  What to do, what to do?  Make Stuff Holders, of course.

I used this tutorial from FlossieTeacakes, simply because it was the first tutorial I found online that met my stringent criteria of being roughly the appropriate shape and size and having lots of pretty pictures to look at.  I'm super picky like that. 

In fact, it turned out to be a reasonable tutorial and I can recommend it. 


The only change I made to this first pouch was to add a little strip of ribbon for a zipper-pullifier type thing... um... you know, one of those little tabs that you can grab at the top of the zipper so as to get a little leverage on it when opening it.  I don't know if it's necessary with this particular pouch, I just like those so I added it.  Otherwise I made the pouch exactly as instructed (which as you well know is pretty unusual of me, the following of instructions and whatnot).  The basic concept is pretty simple and I could have figured it out without the tutorial if I felt like putting in the effort, but well... right?  "Effort". 


You can totally take this basic pattern and do lots of different shapes and variations, which I plan on doing this weekend.  I need Stuff Holders, remember?  Meantime, this is the first one and it's about the right size for my small hairbrush and sundry grooming and hygiene products that I keep in my purse.  My next variation will be about half this size for my Ridiculous Collection of Jump Drives and Flash Cards and then I’ll probably make another this size for Pens And Junk.


And why am I telling you all this, you ask?  I'm telling you this because this is a very simple pouch pattern that makes a nicely finished product that can be adjusted in size to fit a variety of uses.  It’s great for using up scraps and if you interface, it’s nice and sturdy.  Aaaaand, if you made up three in various sizes using fabulous silk remnants that you got from your friend in Japan last year (er... just as an example) and tied them up in a ribbon or something, you'd have yourself a nice little holiday gift package.  Now wouldn't you?


(Ok.  Fine.  It wasn’t two months.  It was five weeks.  That’s still way too long to wait for a Star Wars Purse of Awesomeness.  I am only human, people.)


  1. Did you cut AND sew this up in one day?

    No way.'s dang cute. I'll take 3 please. Tied with a bow. Silk is optional.

  2. Oh now, that is awesome! I'm a SW geek from way back...

  3. Very cool! My four little Star Wars nuts would lose it if mom was carrying this bag!

  4. That is a truly AWESOME purse of awesomeness! And an even more awesome stuff holder.

  5. Yay for finally getting the Star Wars Purse of Awesomeness! Now send it to me :) Just kidding ... or am I?

  6. Where was this tutorial when I needed it, racing to complete a pouch before heading to a birthday party?!! I'll be using it, for sure, I mean, if I ever bust out the sewing machine again.
    What's this about pouches made with Japanese silk remnants? Photographic proof, please!


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