Saturday, March 5, 2011

AWARD: your name here

The disgustingly lanky Tanit-Isis recently named yours truly as one of her nominated recipients of the Stylish Blogger Award.  To which I say, “Thanks!”


Now, I find Tanit-Isis (despite her disgusting lankiness) to be a charming and humorous person.  She applies herself industriously to making interesting clothes for both herself and her children and she clearly doesn't take herself too seriously (always admirable in my book).  She's insightful (did you read her fabulous interview with her mother?) and intelligent and pleasant (what a charmingly unusual combination in the world of academia).  However, based on this latest action on her part, I can only wonder if she isn't, you know, a bit... shall we say, challenged?  Because frankly I find no other explanation for someone nominating me as a stylish anything.

Case in point.

However, upon further rumination, it occurs to me that "stylish blogger" could mean several things. Perhaps my blog is stylish.  Or perhaps the term refers to my stylish, uh, personality.  Whatever that would be.  I don't know.  Of course, the main purpose of a blog award is to get people to write about themselves and then to link to other people, thus spreading the virtual contagion-- er, I mean, expanding the network.  Which is well and good.

I mostly just like talking about myself.

The Stylish Blogger Recipient is supposed to disclose seven things you would not guess about themselves and then infect seven other victim-- er, nominate seven winners.  Now, I've done this before with no less than ten things you wouldn't guess about me.  I question whether I can think of seven more.  I'm just not that inscrutable.

Let's see:

1) I only have three tattoos.

2) I once lived in a haunted house.

3) I'm afraid of dogs.  And mice.  And horses.  And cows.  And iguanas.  And, basically, any animal that isn't a cat.  I love cats and have no fear whatsoever of them.  This is sort of perverse, since I've never once been injured by a dog, mouse, horse, cow or iguana and have suffered many a scar-inducing scratch from a cat.

4) I can pick things up with my toes.  Apparently this is genetic, as TLo can do this as well.  The Big One must take after her dad with her stubby little non-prehensile toes.

5) I am very afraid of heights.  And small spaces.  Ok, I just gave myself vertigo thinking about standing on a small walkway on top of the Sears Tower.  Seriously.  I think I might pass out now.

6) I don't believe in reincarnation, yet suffer under the persistent suspicion that I was once the daughter of a famous pre-Raphaelite painter.  There's a long, multi-faceted story about why I believe this, but it's totally stupid.

7) One of my favorite sandwiches is peanut-butter-and-dill-pickle.


And now the seven winners are:

Little El (Uta)

21 Wale (Joy)

Sew There Tammy (Tammy)

The Surly Seamstress (Sandra)

G Marie (Gaylen)

Li’l Miss Muffett (Heather)

Everything Just Sew (Judy)

Why them?  Because they all read my blog (and make comments) and they all have fewer than 100 followers.  I guess we unpopular girls have to stick together.  I could have added a few other bloggers meeting those criteria, but the rules said seven.  I’m such a stickler for rules.

If your name is on the list, consider yourself nominated.  Blather away, ladies.  Enquiring minds want to know.  Well, I do at any rate.  And I think we all know, it’s all about me.


  1. Wow - you're fascinating! I want to know about the ghost in your house - was it friendly? And how on earth did you discover peanut butter and pickle. Have to say that combo does not readily appeal - despite my love of many odd food pairings.

  2. Only 3 tattoos? I am shocked! Fun facts and a few new to me blogs. Excellent!

  3. I love your blog! Stylish means many different things to many different people. You are stylish to me because you always seem to wear a smile, at least you always give one to me. Thanks

  4. After the ghost story you have to tell the reincarnated painter's daughter story. Um, please.

  5. Oh yes, given that criteria you could have added mine!

    However, cough cough, I prefer the term "boutique blog" - for very exclusive readers only.

  6. Hey man, thanks for nominating me! I like the "boutique blog" term, too. lol! you know, I can pick stuff up with my toes too and I think it weirds my husband out. I'm game for the painter's daughter story too...just sayin'.

  7. LMAO.

    Obviously I was referring to your highly stylish sewing room, not to mention your mod kids' styling. Since I don't think you've made a single item for yourself since I've been reading your blog (hint, hint).

    I, too, want to hear more about this haunted house. Did the ghosts sew?

  8. Ha! I considered myself flattered, until I read "unpopular"!! And now I have to cook up seven things interesting to YOU! Anyway, I suppose you just want to be begged to tell the haunted house/reincarnation stories. So, I'm begging. Please?!

  9. Unpopular? Just because the sewing fame fairy has yet to visit? Anyway, thanks for nominating me. It was fun to come up with a list. Now, nominating 7 others?

  10. Thankee. I love peanut butter and pickles and in my book there are no other pickles but dill.

    I recently found Mary Nanna - love her! g

  11. you are Freaking. FUNNY. and that in and of itself is very stylish.

    i think i'm your 64th follower, and you're mine of the same number. i can also pick things up with my toes. coincidence?

    count another vote for the haunted house story.

  12. Crap. I thought I commented and then realized I didn't, oops. (Actually I didn't want Tantit-isis busting me...I'm still in denial)

    Peanut butter with avocado and a light drizzle of honey... yum yum yum


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