Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Polyvorousness. Apparently, It’s Contagious.

You know.  Like zombies.

So TLo, that Kate Spade Bloodhound From Hell, suddenly figured out that I was “doing something” with Polyvore that looked like something she should be doing.


So I made an account for her and The Big One to play with (because no way do I want people thinking I put together these grade-school collections).


Of course, that discounted the fact that the grade-schoolers have better fashion sense than I do.  I give you Example A:

black cat

Yes.  That’s a Paul & Joe cocktail dress with 7 For All Mankind skinny jeans.  And stacked peeptoes.  And a Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch.  This would be The Big One’s contribution to the fashion world.

And then there's Example B, courtesy of TLo:


Now granted, TLo’s choices were all pretty low-rent.  Except for the $1000 Zanotti stilettos.  Which she pretty much insisted were the shoe of choice for this outfit.



And now they know about Polyvore.

What was I thinking? 

It just goes to show, it never pays to try and be a “nice mom”. Never.  Ever.




  1. Uh oh. Now, have they figured out that those clothes aren't just pretty pictures but actually exist out in the world somewhere? Because that's when you'll be in real trouble.

    Remind me to keep my Polyvority strictly to myself...

  2. LOL! I do my Polyvore-ing when Rachael's at school or else I'm sure that like you - I'd have to make her her own account. Have they found out about Pinterest? Rachael has her own board (my account) that she pins to. She's in need of a pin-tervention!

  3. As long as they don't start asking you to MAKE all those selections.... or BUY....!! They've already got their own style-vibes happening though, I think it's cool. Then again, maybe they need some quality time with their dad?

  4. TLo's contributions are HOT. Love the pink purse with the green dress.

    (Not that this has anything to do with it but my word varification word tonight is "wimpa") (no I haven't been drinking the free wine offered to me at the HEB, just easily amused)


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