Thursday, September 8, 2011

Oo… S’funny, In’t It?

The Husband found this video last week.  It’s gone slightly viral.  If you’re, y’know, from Yorkshire.

Since I’m not getting far along with fitting a custom shell to pad out my new french friend (because I’m trying to study to pass a FLIPPIN’ USELESS TEST at the end of the month)… er… I figured you could get a dose of a funny accent.


Yes.  People from Yorkshire are inherently funny.  Because of their accents.


It’s a known fact.


  1. Kids with accents are like three times cuter than normal kids. It makes me want to go and raise my kids abroad, just for the accents. (I can't wait for my brother in Australia to have kids... except of course for the part where I'll NEVER SEE THEM, but anyway)...

    Also, I learnt about the Yorkshire accent, like many children, from listening to my mom read me "The Secret Garden" eighty million times when I was a kid. It sounds better with this kid does it, I must admit. :)

  2. Sadly, my kids have an accent. They sound like Texans. Mostly. They get a little confused sometimes. Last week TLo said several times, "All y'all guys should go now!" It's a sort of Texan-Minnesotan thing. And The Big One frequently goes all British on me and says "GARE-aj" instead of (the correct) "ga-RAJ". But she's likely to say, "Y'all should see that giant lizard in the GARE-aj!". So it's a sort of Texan-Yorkshire.

    Yes. We have giant lizards in the garage. We live in flippin' Texas.


  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE her accent! What a spunky kid!

  4. Love the accent and the fact that you have giant lizards in your garage. I've always wanted a free pet!

  5. I have a brother-in-law and two nieces who speak like that and my sister has apparently "gone native". My son, raised in London, can hardly keep his face straight sometimes, but I just remind him that Londoners wear "traaaahzuz" on their legs so he can't talk. But seriously, can Americans actually work out what she is saying? And if you think that's funny, find a kid from Sunderland. They still speak Old Norse, as far as I can tell....

  6. I can understand most of what she says since my inlaws are from west of Yorkshire (Preston/Lancashire). However, when I first started dating my husband, I couldn't understand them, LOL. He was born in Montreal, but there are some words he says funny cause of his parents!

  7. I can understand her just fine, but then again I've been married to one for ten years. For the first year, my parents couldn't understand a word he said. They're getting better and then his accent is very mild when he's talking to Americans. It's pretty hilarious when he gets on the phone with his mom and brother. Er. Because of course I totally don't sound like a character out of "Fargo" when I get on the phone with MY mom and sister.

    No. I don't.


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