Saturday, September 26, 2009

Arrrrrgh, matey!

Ok, so today I decided to post about a skirt that I threw together this week.

"Threw together" being the operative phrase here. I made this same skirt over a year ago for "The Big One", as we like to call our oldest daughter (as opposed to her sister "The Little One"-- we can't be bothered keeping track of their names). "The Big One" is something of a misnomer, as in reality she is really little. She's actually gotten smaller since last year, smaller around the middle anyway, so I figured the old pattern would probaby still fit. It did. Unfortunately, I didn't get out the instructions to make the second version and had some... mishaps. You know, the "Oh, wait, it was supposed to have a zipper in it?" type of mishap.

For the original version, in a moment of irrational belief that a child of five can have some sort of logical thought process about the clothes she wears, I magnanimously offered to let The Big One pick her very own fabric from Hancock's. As we approached the store rational thought rushed back to me and I was almost immediately sorry. However, I was finally able (after several conversations about why Hannah Montana is not, in fact, a suitable... well, a suitable anything) to steer her towards something that I could live with.
Arrrrrgh, where's me hook? Batten down the hatches! Bottle of rum! Scurvy!
It could be worse.

Actually, this fabric was pretty cute in the scheme of things. And even though this skirt definitely bordered on generating the dreaded, unelicited "Oh... you make your own clothes?" remark, I sort of liked the outcome. The pattern itself was really simple to work with and gives the sense of lots of complexity, so what's not to like there?

Flash Forward (I'm likin' that show so far) to the Grand Uniform SWAP and I think, "Hey. This could be an easy, cute uniform item. We'll just knock that puppy out in an hour or two and we're Good. To. Go."

Ah yes. That ever-problematic over-reaching arrogance.

Really the result is totally acceptable and looks pretty dang cute when worn. But oy! the trouble! Sewing and then ripping out and then sewing and ripping out again because I forgot that this thing needs a zipper to get it on. And then again and again and again because I just couldn't seem to get the invisible zipper in correctly after I'd already sewn up the side seam and the hem (and just couldn't bring myelf to take apart the whole side of the skirt, even though of course that would have taken a quarter of the time). I mean, have you ever in your life sewn half of a zipper in backwards?? Well, I guess there's a first time for everything. The fact that I did it two times in a row.... well... hmph.
The really annoying thing is that bad interior finishes is one of my pet peeves. I'm not one of those "everything has to have a couture hand stitched lining" type of people, but on the other hand, it irks me to put on a garment that looks crappy on the inside, no matter how decent it looks on the outside. So this Really Bad Invisible Zipper is just frustrating.
Of course, not frustrating enough that it overrode my sheer laziness. I have a copious amount of laziness, plenty to spare in this instance, in fact. So I just let the Really Bad Invisible Zipper slide. Er. No pun intended. I'm hoping no one will see this but me and I will be spared the humiliation of explaining myself.
(In typical fashion, my daughter will no doubt choose to wear this article of clothing on the day she goes bonkers at school, strips off her skirt and runs around the room shouting "I don't care if a quick brown dog jumps over that damned lazy fox, I'm not staying here one more minute!" Or something to that effect. And all the first grade teachers will observe the inside of the abandoned skirt and nod their heads sagely. "Oh well, of course. Look at the hideous mess that the poor little thing has been forced to wear!")
In any case, I did finally manage to get the stupid thing together in a reasonable semblance of a skirt. And when it's on, you can't actually see the horrible interior fiasco that is the side seam and zipper. Hopefully.


  1. What a cute skirt! I really like that you have a uniform code to work within, but not a strict must-be-this-monogrammed-uniform rule.
    When it comes to laziness over something that will peeve me it depends on how big the peeve will be. Too big and laziness gets a swift kick. Interiors don't bother me (too much), but if the skirt is going to be worn the day her class goes swimming I'd be having palpitations!

  2. How stinking cute is that?! I'm SO glad I found you on twitter/blogger!!! I've missed you on PR.


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