Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It is called the "Gnome Girl Dress".... WTF?

Sorry. Profanity (even coded psuedo-profanity) is probably not the best way to start a post, especially since I liked the outcome of this dress. But I had some trouble getting around the name. Which is weird really, since who cares what it's called? A rose is a rose, etc, etc. But for some reason, I did not like this whole "gnome" association. It really bugged me. I have no idea why.

Aaaanyway, I made this up as part of the Great Uniform SWAP. I was curious to try out the ruching on the skirt and see how it draped. The ruching is simply pulled up with gathering stitches and then the stitches and gathers are covered and held in place with a ribbon. The orginal pattern calls for a full lining (it also calls for the dress to be made from wool tweed, which is somewhat laughable in Texas). I didn't do the lining (or the tweed). Or the extra decorative details. Or the... Sheesh. Did I even use this pattern?

I really wanted to do this in a lovely midnight blue twill that I have in the stash. It was the perfect weight and drape for this pattern, which I thought might be important with those ruched pieces at the hem. I didn't want it to be clunky or stiff. I had the whole thing laid out on the fabric and ready to cut out, in fact. Until I realized something very, very important. Fundamental. Life-changing, even.


Hear the words of wisdom, children!

Because of course, while our uniform policy is pretty flexible it does very specifically say "jumpers and dresses must be "a solid color".
You would not believe how many trips I made to Hobby Lobby and Hancock's and (sob) WalMart trying to find a grossgrain or satin ribbon in midnight blue. I would go back, again and again, my sad little scrap of fabric in hand, trying to find that one elusive piece of ribbon that would match enough to not look like a stripe. There was baby blue, royal blue, navy blue, cornflower blue, turquoise blue.... you name, they had it. As long as you didn't name it "midnight blue". I lowered my standards daily, but still I found... nada. Bupkis. Doodley Squat. I even considered making a bias tape from the twill and covering the ruching with that, but I was worried it would be too stiff.

No. I'm afraid midnight blue was just not meant to be.

So, that left me with the khaki. And here it is:

It's not bad. In fact, it's cute. But it ain't no Midnight Blue. (sigh)

I was able to find some "tan" satin ribbon that didn't clash too badly. In the photos it's hard to tell, because it's pretty glossy and my camera insisted on flashing.

Actually, The Big One wears this to school quite often and I have to say, despite being khaki it does overwhelmingly fullfil my requirements for the Great Uniform SWAP. It's unusal and has great details, but not so detailed or unusual that people notice it in a crowd. It's comfortable (I'm assuming, since I've had no complaints) and it washes well. And it can be worn with virtually ever shirt I've made for this SWAP so far.

Wow. I guess it's a winner!

And yes. Those are suspender/mitten clips on the straps, as per the pattern instructions. Coolio!

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  1. LOL, I wondered about the gnome thing too. To me it conjures up ugly and wrinkled. Neither of which apply to your dress. Very cute.


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