Tuesday, August 3, 2010


TLo starts the first grade in three weeks.  She is absolutely dying to be a cheerleader.

Yes.  You heard me.  We live in Texas.  They start cheerleading in the first grade. 

Actually, to be honest, they start much earlier than that... I think at 3 or 4.  It is totally ridiculous.

Now, I know all the song and dance about how cheerleading is really a sport and it's good for coordination and self-esteem and, you know, whatever.  But I just can't quite get behind the whole cheerleading 6-year-olds thing.

Unless maybe they were planning on doing my all-time-favorite cheer:

You ain't got no alibi
You ugly
yeah yeah
You ugly"

I don't think they'll let six-year-olds do cheers from R-rated B-movies.  Right?  Oh well.


  1. Ouch.

    But are you sure it really isn't just that you don't want to make a skirt with all those pleats? Wait, do they still wear those?

  2. Oh Jeez! I know Texas is kinda big on football...ha! But starting cheerleaders at 3-4?! Good lord.

  3. Dude, you can take the girl outa Texas but you can't take the Texas out of the girl because I was neither shocked or surprised your daughter wanted to cheer and could have started working towards her dream at 3. I just hope it's not too late in light of her advancing age.

  4. Hey, now! No doggin' on cheerleaders! My students are the current State Champs for competitive cheer here, and they really are athletes! Between the flips and the stunts... whoa. But I do agree, that is a young age to start. Isn't there a follow up chorus to your cheer that refers to "army boots"??? hee, hee...

  5. Here is Virginia they start early too. As a committed feminist I was horrified when my daughter ended up as a Varsity cheerleader for four years. Kids. They break your heart. It was her rebellion

  6. I just sit here tutting "Only in America" from a country where cheerleading only fairly recently made any sort of appearance, and only then for professional sport (ie, bugger all!). But you know what made me cringe most? "You ugly" instead of "you're". Man I hate that so very very much.


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