Thursday, August 12, 2010


So, in case you were wondering Chez Ami is having a big ol’ fabric sale this week.  Lots o’ knits on sale at good prices.  You know.  Just in case you were wondering.

You were wondering that, right?

Chez Ami Fabric Salego to

Personally, I am Controlling Myself Admirably so no super-nice knits for me.  But feel free to buy some for yourself.  Go on.  Just a few.  What could it hurt?


Yes, it’s true.  I also like to take giant chocolate cakes to Weight Watchers meetings (you know, “just in case”) and leave racing forms lying around the Gamblers Anonymous office (you know, “just to keep a hand in”).  I’m helpful like that.


  1. Nice try but there's nothing black and doomly! Happy to see so much 100% cotton though.

  2. Oof. Definitely avoiding the sale this time around before I start justifying any more locations for fabric storage. Anyway, they need to add some NEW super cheap clearance stuff, because I'm really cheap.


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