Saturday, August 14, 2010

Oof da.

For some reason, 105 F seems much hotter this year than it has in the past.  Wazzup wi’ that?  It’s not just me.  Everybody seems to be suffering more than usual.  I can remember years where 114 was the high for days and days, but for some reason 106 is just kicking our  collective butts. 

I guess it could be worse.  Where in the US is it hotter than here?  Phoenix (112) and Vegas (109).  Poor things.  At least it’s desert there.  You know, “it’s a dry heat”.

Nothing to post about sewing, nothing to post about out-of-date music, nothing to post about the vagaries of the fashion world.  Just a lot of sweating and lying around in the house drinking tea.

Heat’s supposed to break this week (whoo hoo, 99 F!) and maybe by then I’ll have something to show you (whoo hoo, school clothes!).

(And remember hot sweaty people, if you’re fasting this month be careful!)


  1. It has been a very COLD summer here in San Jose, CA. The coldest summer in 40 years. My hubby and I are sitting here at 12:20pm in August in sweats while we blog. Crazy! (Shut up-it's Saturday, we're being lazy today)

  2. I hereby vote brenda off the island.

    Heat's supposed to "break" here too. It's effing hot today though.

  3. It's been waaaay too hot. I can't even go into the sewing room after 9AM. Iron + computer + sewing machine + small space = too freakin' hot!

    And I vote Brenda off the island too.

  4. Oof da is right. In fact, my husband is wearing his Oof da t-shirt today. Heat is relative, though, and we've been suffering here in the high 80s. Tomorrow a high of 78. Phew!

  5. Ick. I don't know how you do it. We hit the 90s this week, and it was unbearable. Move north!!!

  6. 1) Joy: I put that title in and it didn't occur to me until after I posted it that probably MOST people wouldn't have a clue. Doh! (Also, everyone should have an Oof Da shirt)

    2) Kristine: I would totally move back north in about two seconds flat if my rotten husband would agree to it. Also, I would have to convince my parents to move back there too, since the only reason we moved here in the first place is that this is where they are. So far, none of them are going for it. Frankly, I don't see the appeal.

    Word Ver: expramed. I don't know what that means, but it sounds vaguely like something Ricky Ricardo asks Lucy to do... "Luuuucy, you better expramed yourself"

  7. Hey!!!!! Wait just a minute!!!!

  8. Sorry, I didn't even THINK about making you all feel hotter by complaining about the cold! ;D How rude, maybe I should be voted off!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, Beangirl!

  9. Being from SE TN where it's been above 90 and venturing into the
    100s even where it is also very humid and miserable, I thought that coming to the desert (Phoenix) where it is as much as 117 (today) but the heat is dry would be ok. No, it is just really hot dry heat. Actually, the first two weekends I was here it rained - HARD - and so there was STEAM! Miserable. Tomorrow it is only supposed to be 101 so we are thinking about going to the park with the grands! Crazy! It has really be awful in TN though!!!! My daughters up in the NE have had a hot summer too, though. My almost three year old who wanted to name her baby sister Princess Presto asked her mom why it was so hot. Her mom told her that was God's plan. She replied, "I'm going to get in an airplane and go up in the clouds and talk to HER, then!" Funny!!
    BTW there is a kid's show with a Princess Presto so the name is taken. OUr little one is Blair Eizabeth instead.


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