Wednesday, February 23, 2011

In Which Aaron Copland Finally Gets His Revenge On Me

In a surprising twist of fate, TLo has become the horse rider in the family and The Big One (initially the only one in the family to express any interest whatsoever in equine species) has pretty much given it up.  It had gotten to the point that The Big One's lack of focus was holding TLo back and TLo now does riding lessons on her own.  She's up to "loping" and is doing the cloverleaf and the poles by herself.  Her teacher thinks she'll place if she competes in shows and she now has started training in how to saddle and care for the horses.

Which means only one thing.


You heard me.

Wear.  For rodeos.


The mind boggles.

Guess what I just discovered?  There is a surprising dearth of western-wear patterns for children.  Especially girl children. 

I do already have this out of print pattern from KwikSew, which only goes up to a size 7. 


I’m pretty sure TLo the Barrel-chested Barrel Rider wears something larger than a 7.  Even a KwikSew 7.  I could up-grade it.  Or I could take another basic shirt pattern and draft a yoke and add some pointy pockets.


“Pointy pockets”.

I did just buy pearl button snaps.  And I have some satin to make piping. 

I drew the line at fringe.

I'm betting TLo would go for this rose-print-ric-rac-and-pink-pearl-button combo.  Right?  It’s pretty cute (you’ll have to click over to see it close up).

Rodeowear, people.

And in case you’re wondering about Aaron Copland: I had to play “Hoedown” from Rodeo once and neglected to practice.  It’s a finger-twister, people, and I mangled it but good.  Copland was surely spinning in his grave.  Well.  If he hadn’t still been alive at the time. But regardless.  I walked away from the scene of destruction no worse for wear and breathed a sigh of relief. I was Unscathed.


Karma.  It’s a killer.



  1. LOL! I love good old Copeland. then again, I never played an instrument, I might feel differently if I had.

    But back on topic... rodeowear. Surely there are patterns for little boys that would work? Just use different fabric and only show the line drawings to your daughter?

    I remember way back when I was looking for a pattern for real chaps (for Halloween) there is a western clothing pattern company online. That was a few years ago. I wonder if they are still around...

  2. I can't find them in a quick search, but I did find this:

    Check out that wild shirt at the top! All spandex and sparkly - like rodeo meets figure skating.

  3. Oh, dear. I'd say "that's what you get for living in Texas"... but I live in Alberta, which is probably not any better (and less authentic).

    Good luck!

  4. Surely Ottobre has done something recently you could tweak? I actually can see one in my head from a few years ago (since I haven't subscribed in a few years). I little girls shirt but it went up to at least 140ish (I've already forgotten what cm they go up to in the bigger sizes). I think they did it in a plaid or a seersucker? Anyway, just find a yoked shirt and draw your own pockets.

    How exciting about the riding lessons though, Lu would be so jealous!

  5. I second the use a boy pattern. Otto has a couple that will totally work.

    And come one - she needs fringe! And sequins, lots of sequins. This ts rodeo in Texas! You need sparkle!

  6. I like Western/rodeo wear, but then I have no idea, obviously! (Though I went to a rodeo in Wyoming once.) Thanks for the video, the kids enjoyed watching it with their evening dessert!

  7. you know - my first thought was this is your chance to use all the purdy trims, ribbons, prints, and fringe that are banned from her school clothes. I know you will rise to the occassion. g

    (word ver: wardunce - ha!)

  8. Come on.... you live in TX, you gotta have fringe...and a REALLY big belt buckle.....When I lived in Houston, I went to the rodeo once, that was enough for me...

  9. No fringe? This is your lucky chance to make a break from uniformwear!

  10. Wow, you really do live in Texas, huh?

    Hey, as a young horse-chick, I would've killed to be doing rodeos when I was in grade school! And truth be told, I still love a good cowboy/girl shirt. I made one a few years ago using some Japanese floral print for a contrasting yoke, pretty snazzy actually. Oh, and big belt buckles? Yup, love those too. Maybe I should be living in Texas?

  11. Congratulations on the budding equestrienne. Unsolicited opinion: I like rodeowear, and those fringes look great when in motion. It keeps the audience's eyes locked on the rider. The other shirt is great for walking around at a meet and greet but fringe is there to showcase the rider.

  12. What instrument do you play? Are you a fiddler by any chance?

    I do <3 Copland, especially Rodeo.


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