Monday, February 7, 2011

What You Do When You’re Supposed To Be Doing Something Else.

Sometimes, there are advantages to having the job I have.

Full size Burda pattern insert scan

Burda pattern insert blue trace lines


This is one.

Sadly, this is pretty much the only one.  Unless you count soul-crushing despair and bone-wearying toil.  I don’t, usually. 

Good thing I have my full-scale scanned-and-outputted Burda patterns to comfort me.  I guess.


edit: To be honest, I don’t do this very often because I usually end up having to trace off of this if I want to tissue fit.  I don’t generally like to waste fabric on muslins without at least seeing if the tissue will get around my body.  And it is pretty much impossible to tissue fit with copier paper (which is the weight of the paper my 36” plotters put out).

Here’s the pattern shown above.  I didn’t really plan on tracing it, but since I had the pattern sheet scanned and had already made a print for the pattern I did want to trace, I figured I see if there was anything else on the sheet worth taking off.  But of course, I didn’t have the magazine with me.  So it was going on pure guesswork based on the pattern pieces; this pattern looked like it might interesting.  Turns out it is interesting:

Туника 1-2008-119

119  Туника

The pattern is BS 1-2008 #119.  Sorry, the image necessarily has to link to the Russian BurdaStyle site.  You know why.  Burda Style.  We say, “Da!”  I think I’m going to have to brush up on my Russian.


  1. Toil?! bwaahahaha

    Is that Burda of comfort something for you or the evil monkeys? It's looking a bit like a skirt, with a pant leg? Details, please.

  2. Nope, Big... I betcha it's a TOP! With a shoulder yoke. And cap sleeves.
    As for you Miss Bean, that is CHEATING! No fair that Ang and I are going cross-eyed over here tracing off those SOBs. That had better be something for YOU, or else!!!
    Word Verification: myowe
    As in, "My owe, My owe... it's off to work I go!"

  3. That beats the c**p out of the perks my last job had! Man I want a machine to do that. How long does it take to produce that? Please say "oh, hours and hours"

  4. Freaking awesome!! I'm trying hard not to be jealous and failing miserably. Even if you're still tracing - no squinting at an incomprehensible tangle of colored lines! Nice.
    Also, very awesome top. I want to see it!

  5. So - I saw someone the other day who used her tracing wheel and paper to mark the lines. I thought it was brillant. I've tried it once and it worked great! g

  6. Ok did I mention that I almost tore my hair out trying to trace one of those plus patterns the other day? No? Well. The pattern diagram SAYS sheet B in black. But it's a skirt. And sheet B in black is a TOP. but a couple of pieces looked legitimate. How to tell now that they've started REUSING THE !#!$% COLORS ON THE SAME SHEET FOR DIFFERENT PATTERNS???

    Turns out it's a misprint. The plus pattern was GREEN on sheet B. No where I can find on the net is this outed as far as I can tell. We're all still in trace-shock.

    My word ver is ressessi. Your comment box is stuttering in shock at BS's lamea$$ new 1-sheet pattern stupidity.

  7. I say "nyet".

    But that looks like a cute top, whichever way you got it extracted from the pattern sheet.


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