Saturday, June 19, 2010


OK, so some people apparently get all whiney and needy and stuff if you don’t, you know, tag them or something. 

No no no.  I’ll stay up into the wee small hours of the night to tag you all.  No no, really, I’m not at all tired from driving to Dallas and fabric shopping and buying shampoo and stuff.  (No.  Seriously.  We drove two hours to Dallas to buy shampoo.)

So here are my tags.  If your name is on this list, you have been tagged.  Please feel free to answer the questions as listed in this not-in-any-way-self-centered post and then tag, uh… oh, let’s say five people.  Go!

1) Angie A.

2)  uh…

Ok, see?  I can’t even figure out now who’s already been tagged and who hasn’t.  My head hurts just thinking about it.  So here’s the plan, people:

If you read this blog and you would like to be tagged to share info about yourself, PLEASE DO!  We would all like to hear about you.  Especially ANGIE A.

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  1. OK, so is "shampoo" code for something else?

    Big in Japan


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