Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Pants Are, In Fact, On Fire


I lied.  There are no clothes.

There is this.

I think my mom may have literally peed her pants watching this.

EDIT: Well, I don’t know about my mom, but The Husband claims HE almost peed his pants watching this the first time, he was laughing so hard.  So you know that’s got to be some funny stuff.  Also, I originally had a link to this video from the creator’s webpage, but it’s offline now.  In a moment of inspiration, I decided to search YouTube and Lo! someone else had posted it up.  But I would just like to say, if I could I would totally credit the guy who made this.  He is a flippin’ GENIUS.


  1. Brilliant! Great antidote to all the hours of admin stuff I've been plowing through today. Thanks!

  2. Ok, that may have been the most awesome thing you ever posted. :D

  3. OMG! Bwaaaaaaa......I love it! That is hysterical.

  4. Love it! Better still it now makes my DH's dancing not look so bad.


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