Saturday, May 29, 2010

Random Information, Part… uh… Three?

Peppermint Penguin (who has no links, sorry) recently said, "Ok, so I'm supposed to be here for the sewing talk, but I find myself caught up in the pop culture".  Which I’m going to assume is a compliment, although it could quite possibly be a chastisement.  Yes.  Definitely a compliment. 

And of course makes me feel very guilty.  Yes.  My pathological guilt?  It's all PP's fault.  Good.  I finally have someone to blame.

Really, I do intend to write about sewing.  Honest.  But May is a Bad Month and I haven't made much of anything lately.  I'm hoping the holiday weekend will give me some time to work on something.  Really.  I will sew something.  I will.

No, I am not whining and defensive.   Shut up.

But I feel compelled to make at least a pretense of discussing sewing. So here is a piece of random information:

These (in a really shameless attempt to pretend this blog post has anything to do with sewing at all and not just me blatantly bragging about my children) are some photos of two of the kids' garments "in action".  Yeah, that's it.  ACTION SHOTS!  Just in case you were wondering how these garments I make look out in the field.    Literally.   A field.

TLo trotting

TLo is wearing her butterfly tunic, another version of the one seen in this post

TBO cloverleaf

And The Big One is wearing her school uniform blouse as seen in this post.

These are from their riding lesson this week.  The Big One is, apparently, a natural.  After just four lessons she's already learning how to do the clover-leaf at a trot on Captain, The World's Tiniest Horse.  I swear that child will become a barrel racing queen.   If for no other reason than to totally annoy her father with her cowgirl ways.

Yee haw!!


Seriously?  Why did you even read this?  You didn’t, did you?  I knew it.  Next time: CLOTHES!  Honest.


  1. Why yes, I did read the entire post!

    Aren't miniature horses just the cutest thing?

  2. I think you have a future in stitching rodeo outfits! Oh, wait - I mean drafting rodeo outfits.

  3. Glad to be of service. I'm sure most things are my fault!

    Yes, it was supposed to be a compliment!! Don't be so suspicious, or was that just your guilty conscience talking.

    Action shots. I'll need to remember that one. Sewing adjacent activities count as sewing. If they don't I'm in big trouble.

    Cute shirts on cute kids on cute horsies, with snarky commentary - winner, I'd say.

    May has been a stinkin month. June will be better.

    Won't it?!?!?!?


  4. Last time I checked you weren't the only "sewing blog" not devoting every single post to sewing. I do believe my last post was about... the stomach flu. So, you're in good company.
    Quit whining!
    The Other Kristine

  5. Thanks for your advice on my sloper/muslin. Yes, ease is a total mystery! But I got a really good response from Rebekah on my blog post about ease. She is explaining some methods and where to read about them. Check the comment section of my post if you are interested.

  6. Oh my gosh! That has to be the cutest little horse ever! The girls are adorable in their actions shots, and May has been a crappy month all around. You are in good company.

  7. Precious girls. I, too, am having trouble focusing my blog on JUST sewing, but then again, I never promised to do that. I love your blog and hope you keep on doing just what you've been doing. I love your thoughts about all kinds of subjects. You are very insightful! You make me think, which is something I need to do more often!

  8. My blog was supposed to be about sewing clever things for MEMEME and what's it almost all about? - small kid clothes! I love seeing what you're sewing (and drafting - how's that going?) but if you make me snigger at something snarky as well (or instead) I'm hooked!

    Um, yeah, I think that is the Cutest Horse Ever. Cute kids on cute horse in cute tops. Not trying for cute overload are you?

  9. Doesn't anyone call them ponies anymore?

    Big in Japan


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