Friday, May 7, 2010

In Which I Basically Just Shop and Complain

So there I was, pretending to work while in fact I was adding some new images to my wardrobe slideshow (yes, despite having completed not one item for my wardrobe in the past 12 months) when I came across this top from C.enneV… as provided by our favoritest crack-smokers, the good fashion ladies at

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It immediately reminded me of... something.  Except that I can't figure out what.  I would swear up and down that I saw this identical tie treatment on a recent pattern in BurdaStyle, except that I can't find it online anywhere.

c.ennev. detail

Did I dream this up?  I don't get any other women's pattern magazines and I haven't looked at store patterns for months and months.  So where else could I have seen it?

The closest I’ve come up with is this knit dress from BurdaStyle May/2010 in the plus section:

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(And while we're here, can I just say once again- in case you didn't catch it the first ten times- if this is "plus" sized, I so want to be plus sized.  Good grief.)

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Hmmph.  This is going to drive me crazy.  Especially since, after compulsively spending all my spare internet time trying to figure out where I saw that treatment, I then won't make the top anyway.  It's only likely to make me look like I'm seven months pregnant (the fact that I look like I'm seven months pregnant regardless of what I wear is something that I will steadfastly ignore).

So what it all boils down to is: I like the detail on this top.

I also like these shoes. 

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Even if they do only come in lilac, lemon and black.  They're on sale half price (supposedly) at JCPenney, so I'm going there tonight to see if I can find a pair.  And then to see if they might, by some shoe miracle, be comfortable enough to wear to work.

We can only hope.  A woman can't have only one single pair of sandals for the whole entire summer, people!  It's inhumane. 

Huh.  Is there a patron saint of shoes?


Edit: I found it.  I knew I’d find it once I had the actual magazine in front of me (because I also knew, of course, that I’m not crazy… despite what people may say.  Here it is, BurdaStyle 4/2010 #122.  The waistline is different but the concept is the same.  Whew.  I feel better.  Now I can dedicate my OCD to some other topic.  Also: BAHHAHHA to “Saint Bunion”.

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  1. B5348 has that waistline treatment, but is otherwise completely different. It acme to mind as soon as I saw that picture though.

    Adorable shoes. I love them in lilac! There should be a patron saint.

  2. Damn. Now I'm going to be obsessed with finding it. Because yes, I think it was BS. baha! You KWIM.

  3. I know how you can become obsessed with something like finding this pattern that you knew you had seen. I really like that treatment. Plus size BAAHOOEYY! They don't know what plus size is!


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