Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Stand Up And Shout It

This comment was left on my Voile! post (in which, you will recall, I showed not one thing I made or even attempted to make).


Of course, my initial reaction was to delete that post, since it's blatant advertisement... but on second thought, I kind of like the weirdly surreal nature of that comment.  I mean, what a great concept.

You can DO it!  You just need to WORK on it a little more!  Who cares if you haven't actually attempted to do anything?  You can STILL do it!   You just need to give it some time.


And of course because of the title of that post, I have now had the song "War!" stuck in my head for the past three days.  Which frankly is a whole lot better than Guns N Roses or The Grateful Dead or the band War, with that highly annoying song "Spill The Wine".

I was going to post a totally entertaining clip from 1969, but I'm 99.9% sure he's lip-syncing in that one.  Which, while typical of TV shows, is something to which I must cry "Foul!"  (Making a talented singer lip-sync when they’re not hopping around like a showgirl on meth—I’m looking at  you, Madonna—is ridiculous.)

The new clip is good, even if it doesn't feature an afro or the patented 1968 funky-groove-dance-with-your-feet-on-the-floor thing.  Well hell, it’s Jools Holland, it pretty much has to be good.


Crap.  Now I have "Spill The Wine" stuck in my head.  No wait.  That's "Low Rider".  da-da da-da da-da-DA da-da da-da da.


Well, all my friends do know the Low Rider.  Which doesn't say much for my choice in friends.


  1. Well, if you're going to have SPAM, it might as well be encouraging spam.

  2. Isn't that nice, you now know it'll be looking good *before* you start. Saves all that angst.

    Thanks for the video - I never watch Jools Holland, on way after my bedtime. Music - excellent, Mr Starr - star, those backing singers? Bit too, erm, civilised with their "huh!", they need to gie it a bit mair welly.

    Now if I'd been really clever and on the ball, I'd have said that was "the best post title in the world, ever." :D


  3. Lol, I'm thinking I should copy this comment to put above my desk. Next time I have writer's block (so tomorrow then) I could look up and be gently encouraged.


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