Monday, August 8, 2011

Yes. I’m That Bored.

I’ve made two tops that actually fit and started a jumper for TLo’s school uniform.  But I still can’t get my camera to work properly.  Although admittedly, I haven’t really been trying that hard…

Still.  Here’s how bored I am, since I don’t have anything to show you from the sewing room:

meal planner

Yep.  I made a double-sided meal planner/grocery list.  I reformatted my meal-planning sheet and based the list part off an existing list I apparently got from, although I have no idea what I was doing there in the first place.  Literally.  No idea.

Anyway, meals listed on one side, groceries needed on the other.  Most Frequently Purchased items on the list and then a few spaces for extras as needed.  Fold it in half and laminate.  Voila!  Dry-erase magical goodness for the grocery store.  Or in my case, I use a fine point Sharpie and just wipe it clean with rubbing alcohol when I get home.  That way it doesn’t smear all over you.  You know, while you’re shopping in the 112 degree heat.  That you’ve had for 73 consecutive days.  Yeah.  That heat.

Or you can print on both sides, cut it in half and have double-sided disposables.  I actually have both, dry-erase and in a pad. 

Because I have padding compound at work. 

So I make notepads.  Lots and lots of notepads.

Did I mention I was bored?


I was going to make a link to download the planner.  But of course, that would mean that you have to buy what I buy.   My co-workers seemed to think having bamboo shoots and coconut milk on my “frequently bought” list was weird. 

I have no idea what those people eat.  We wouldn’t make it through the week without bamboo shoots and coconut milk.


Ok fine.   If you want a blank one you can download it here: The I’m-Bored-What’s-For-Dinner Planner.

But it’s not nearly as much fun if you have to write everything in yourself. 

I’m just saying.


  1. Bored but productive! That's a great list. Hearin' ya about the heat - it's so unbelievably hooootttttt.

  2. OMG! 73 DAYS OF OVER 112 DEGREES!!! Sorry I will stop yelling now. Seriously how can you stand it? If I lived there I would die because someone would kill me to stop me from complaining constantly about how awful it is.

    Thanks for the list.

  3. Well, I exaggerate slightly... it's been 74 days over 100 degrees. Still, much of that the past two or three weeks has indeed been 110 - 115. It's flippin' hot. On the other hand, it's not like we don't have air conditioning... mostly. Most people's AC doesn't deal well over 105 or so (so like, our house has been at about 81 inside, which is better than 112 obviously, but not what we have the thermostat set for) and they've been also threatening rolling blackouts if energy use doesn't drop soon. So far a few big corporations in Dallas/Ft Worth stepped in at the last minute and shut down for four or five hours a day and that saved us from it. So far. It's not likely to get cooler for many weeks yet. We've also not had an precipitation for over 40 days. It's ugly.

  4. I was just telling your husband about your post, and he said I thought three weeks of -40 (lived in the Yukon for 9 years) was bad. I would rather have that than what you are going through. Keep as cool as you can.

  5. I know, I'd totally take -40 over... um... wait. You were talking to my husband?

    I had no idea he lived in Alaska. That big liar! He told me he was from England!


  6. This is all fine and good and ORGANIZED and such, but you gotta get that camera fixed, girl.

    And-coconut milk is a lifesaver, because I also keep a million condiments/pastes on hand, a delicious sauce is never far from possible.

  7. oops. MY husband. Not yours. my bad.......

  8. Ooooo...*snags your grocery list*

    How do you handle the heat? Is it crazy humid or is it dry heat? (I hope it's dry heat for your sake because we are constantly MOIST here and that is such a disgusting word. So if you are crazy moist, you have double the sympathy from me)


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