Thursday, February 23, 2012

Seriously. I Said Rotate. So Let’s See Some, People.

So there was another dart rotation pin floating around the interwebs a while back, which Lin3arossa pointed us to in the comments last week.  I'd been eyeing that one with trepidation as well, because it's pretty interesting but also highly pixilated.  I was also a little more concerned about the copyright issue on this one, as it's clearly from a book, it's not just some sort of reiteration of common knowledge but an actual illustration, and so far I haven't found anyone who's credited it.

I mean, I don't want to steal something from someone.  Especially without credit.

On the other hand, I really hate pixilated images.

So here you go:  dart-manipulation-for-blouse-variations

I actually redrew this one by hand… with a pen.  You know, pens?  Those pointy stick things that people used to write with?

No really.  People used to write things by hand

I know.  Shocking.

This is the same as the last one, just click on the image above to download or print.


PS:  If anyone knows where the original image is from, please let me know and I’ll add a credit.

PPS:   If you clicked to download or print the file from last week sometime before yesterday afternoon, you probably have a piece of text on it that says something like "Ruby's Super-hot Salsa Dancing".  Or something like that.  Just FYI.  You might want to re-click and re-download that particular file, which no longer sports that particular mystifying piece of text.

Don't ask.


  1. Ok, that is extra-awesome with sauce! I like that it includes actual bodices using the different darts.

    I, too, hate over-shrunk and badly-pixellated images.

  2. You DREW that? With a PEN? So jealous of that skill. Still wondering what you are avoiding.....

  3. pssshht. I traced it, with a pen. Not exactly challenging, trust me. Um. I was totally not avoiding work... at work. Really.

  4. Thanks for that wonderful resource!

  5. Here is the link that I found.

  6. You're hand-drawing skills are impressive! Thanks for doing this.

  7. My hand get sore now from signing my name, haha!

    I'm glad there are other nerds who drool over dart rotation diagrams. It's beautiful!

  8. This is brilliant! I've never seen a dart rotation diagram before and it is very useful.

  9. Thank you for this - it's so much more enticing with clean lines. Now I just need to make the time for sewing up each variation. Housework isn't that critical is it?

  10. Great - thanks for sharing it with us. P.S. I think the original illustrations is a page is taken from the out-of-print vintage textbook 'Clothing for Moderns' by Mabel D. Erwin and Lila A. Kinchen.


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