Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Minkied. Again.

Here's the second version of the Valentine's Day Coat


This one is also a size 122, then I widened it based on the measurements of a 146.  That wasn't wide enough apparently, it's snug across the chest on TLo.   Who admittedly is basically shaped like a barrel.


A really melodramatic barrel.



Um.   Yep.  That's all I have to say about the whole project.  Except that I'm extremely glad it's done.

Oooo, but look what came in the mail this week!


A gift from Big In Japan.   I should say, a really really AWESOME gift.  It's a Tintin file-folder.  Because seriously, you can just never have enough things with Tintin on them.  Especially office supplies (or at least, this seems to be the basic premise in Japan… and I’m totally willing to go with it).

The real kicker is the day my gift arrived, The Big One had pulled out this book to read for the very first time.


So imagine our surprise when I opened the mail that afternoon and my fabulous folder was in it!


I am not giving it to The Big One.  I am not that nice.


Next time: What to do with 100 extra sewing patterns.

No.  I'm asking.  What to do with 100 extra sewing patterns??  I cleaned out my pattern boxes.  It was... disturbing.  I'll tell you more about it when I've sufficiently recovered from the trauma.


  1. Hey, I'm impressed, you got the heart jackets completed and photographed before the actual holiday. Wait, Valentine's isn't really a holiday, is it? In these parts, Valentine's = Women give men chocolate. That is all. You heard me! So wrong. Women have to wait for a reciprocal gift, a month later in March, "white day". It may be good for the department store fancy food gift sales, but White Day does not involve chocolate. Criminal.

    Glad that the spaceship arrived, sorry it's not big enough to hold 100 extra patterns! Do I smell a Beangirl Giveaway?

  2. She does not look barrel-like mom! Good job you, for persevering with the minky. I understand that it is a real pain to sew.
    100 patterns?!? I think a lot of bloggers use unwanted patterns for give-aways. I've always just given mine to the charity shop. Though, I wonder if there is ever anyone who wants to buy them.

  3. Freecycle. Make it an all or nothing deal. I feel bad sometimes because it's clear that at least a few of the takers are hoarders, but Freecycle is awesome.

    Nice coat!

  4. TLo is so cute - even if she is a melodramatic little barrel!!! I love her poses. Japan is filled with TinTin office supplies - i seem to recall that when I used to go to Japan that I would bring you back TinTin supplies? And I totally remember the Valentine's -White Day thing in Japan - I agree - criminal! And I'm still wondering if you can make me Hello Kitty pj's...


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