Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It’s Not A SWAP. It’s a SWHAP.*

So I finally got around to making one of the items on my Fall SWAP.  This week.  The last week of February.  In which it's been, on average, 76 degrees during the day.  (Tomorrow is supposed to be 86.)  So that's been super-useful, wardrobe-wise.

Here's my inspiration garment:

anthro top

Here's what I made:

needs to tighten the shoulder straps

Um.  It looks better in person.  Honest. 

It's a little hard to see because of the bad photo.  And the black fabric.  Which, by the way, I salvaged from a CP Shades tent-dress that I bought circa 1993.  Yes.  I am that thrifty.  And when I say “tent” dress, I mean, “Three people and a small dog could sleep in it.  Comfortably.”  There was some sense in saving the dress.  Once upon a time it was a really nice rayon brocade fabric and as mentioned above there was a lot of it.  In truth, it’s a little too worn and pilly to really be very nice now.  However it made the perfect wearable muslin.  Since it made... a muslin.  And I'm wearing it.  HA! 

(insert smug in-your-face happy dance here)

So to make the above garment I decided, against my deepest inclinations and sense of morality, to purchase a pattern for a pillowcase dress.  Yes.  That's right.  I purchased a pattern for a pillowcase dress.  With money.  Real money.  American.  Dollars.  Moooooooneeeeee.

McCall 6115

I feel... dirty.

But, I just couldn't be bothered to draft my own pattern from scratch.  And if truth be told, I only paid $1.99 for it.   Which is about the limit of what it’s worth, I might add.

As it turned out this pattern was a good basis for my further design modifications, which mostly was to change out the simplified (and rather unflattering) gathering on the front yoke to nice, deep, stitched pleats and to make facings for the casings instead of foldovers.  I think both features add character to the inspiration garment.


Clear as mud?   Here’s the actual muslin muslin which shows the pleats a little better.


You can see where I added 1.5” for my usual FBA at the center front and then just spaced the pleats evenly to make up the distance of the original gathered pattern.


All around, I like this top.  Of course, I can only wear it in the winter because frankly, ain't no way in hell I'm wearing a sleeveless top without something else underneath it.  Seriously.  People do not need to be subjected to my upper arms.  I'm pretty sure there's something in the Geneva Convention specifically about that.

However, as it's supposed to only be 70 as the high next week, I think I'll make another version using the color-blocking idea from this inspiration set… er… that I made... er... last summer.

polyvore fall swap

Some day I’ll actually sew a garment the season before it’s supposed to be worn.  Some magical day.


*Sewing With Half A Plan.


  1. so i'm confused...

    you made a muslin, and then muslined it?

    of a pillowcase pattern?

    am i allowed to laugh whilst simultaneously enjoying your awesome shirt?

    (i like the muslin muslin too.)

  2. You and TLo should have a pose off.

    This pattern reminds me very much of a failed something I made in dress format, just before starting my (inactive) blog...there were pictures on PR... anyway, I think the pleats and making it tunic length are real keen ideas.

  3. Looks good! I like the white and red inspiration version a lot. If the pattern was $1.99 then I think you got value for money. You probably saved an hour of your life; worth $2, no?

  4. I like the pleating design change :)

    ... and I'm not going to make fun of you for the pattern expenditure.

    will... not... ;)

    Are you telling me you never go sleeveless? in TEXAS? Lady, there is no way your upper arms are that bad. :)

    1. They really are. In fact, Angie A. was trying to tell me that same thing last night and then I PROVED to her that no, really. A crime against humanity.

      Trust me.

    2. There was no Proof. Only your loud objections to anything persuasive I tried to insert in the conversation.

      If I remember right.


  5. SWHAP=sewing with half assed plan is how I roll.;)

    I think $1.99 is worth it sometimes to save one's sanity. Kudos for not completely abandoning the SWAP!

  6. Ha ha ha - Big In Japan is right -- you and TLo SHOULD have a pose off!

  7. I feel your pain! I made a similiar blouse and even lined it!? Yours is most unpillowcasey- I like it!

  8. I am pretty sure that there is a worlwide ban on exhibiting your upper arms after a certain age. Just not sure what age it is. For me I think it kicked in around 1998.

  9. I love it! I've wondered if anyone was ever going to know-off this shirt. I'd try it but I think that everyone would start asking when I was due again. Ugh! - actually that's a double ugh! because I really like this top!

    I'll ummm.... get around to posting pictures of that Anthro top sometime. ;-)

    1. You know what? I thought the same thing, but it's actually pretty flatterin if you use a drapey fabric. You should try it out and see if it works.

      (Also, ooooo... anthro top!)

    2. And ALSO: how cute is your profile picture??? TOO cute!

  10. Fun top! I like the pleats versus gathers--they are generally more flattering, though more trouble. You can wear it over a short sleeve tee, though two layers in Texas summer is a serious issue. Maybe for Spring? Which as I recall lasts about half a day between cool-ish and blazing hot?

  11. that lace fabric is gorgeous!


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