Thursday, March 29, 2012

I’m Really This Blurry. It’s Been A Life-long Trial.

Now I’m just posting bad photos to annoy Oonaballoona.  Honest.


It’s not because I can’t figure out why my camera keeps not focusing correctly.  Or because I don’t have the patience to take more photos.

No.  Really.

Anyway, that’s my second version of Ottobre 5-2011 #9.  As previously seen here.  I extended the sleeves and added a 2” cuff.  It’s super-comfortable, if nothing else.  The fabric nice too, although I have not one clue where I got it.  Probably either FabricMart or Emma One Sock.  Or maybe Golden D’Or.


Speaking of which, The Husband and I had to go to DFW yesterday and had some time to kill.  So I thought I’d swing by Golden D’Or and see what goodies I could come out with.  I was expecting to spend maybe $100. 

I spent $32.  Including tax.  It was a disappointing trip.  Whoever buys their fabric must be a Spring or Autumn because I literally could not wear about 90% of the colors in that warehouse.  If I wanted to look, you know, still alive.  (If you’re a Spring or Autumn and you live near DFW you should head on over to Golden D’Or.  Beaucoup oranges and light browns and weird yellowy greens.)

Basically I bought some black knit tulle and some white knit tulle (which is hard to buy online because you never quite know what people are calling “tulle”).  That’s a nice staple for making future knit tops with mesh overlays and whatnot.

I also bought 3/4 yard of this knit:


Look familiar?  I’ve been infected with Lemonade Mouth Disease.  (That’s silver/grey, by the way, not green or blue.  It doesn’t photograph well.)

I’m planning on making another knit top with some kind of mesh overlay on the yoke and sleeves.  Of some sort.  I have the tulles to do it.


-snort-  get it?  I “have the tulles”?


Just shoot me now.


  1. Tulles!!!!! Love it!!!
    Great top too, funky fabric!

  2. I want to see a picture from the back to determine if the sleeves are long enough! Ha!

  3. Love the new print top. I've noticed that some shop owners select fabrics based upon their own preferences and coloring (bummer!)

  4. That's a very pretty and flattering top! If a bit blurry. But it matches you perfectly, so that's a feat in itself.

  5. not that you have any, but wrinkles aren't visible in blurry photographs. just sayin. hey wait, isn't that a soft focus lens?

  6. Very cute, if fuzzy :). Such a shame about the fabric haul---I hate it when I've decided I'm allowed to spend money and then can't find anything I actually want to buy. Not that that happens very often, mind. The opposite is more the usual...

    Re photos---nothing getting in between the lens and your "spot" when you set the self timer? It's not set to "macro" focus? (no, those aren't the two banes of my existence or anything... although my old camera, which is the only one working right now, takes pretty blurry photos at the best of times. I don't think it used to---it may just be getting old.)

  7. Yay! You sewed for you!! And it's cute! That is a very flattering length on you, I think.

    And now I must send my mother (a very Autumn-y autumn) to Golden D'Or.

  8. My camera always takes blurry photos if I don't use the flash. I've just given up taking photos in daylight.

    I love the top and the fabric you've used is gorgeous.

  9. Cute top! Love those colors.

    If I didn't have a sewing blog I wouldn't take pictures of anything, ever. And the half-way good pictures I do take only happen by accident or divine intervention or both. I'd like to take better pics, but the idea of getting a better camera (i.e.: research options and make a decision), and then learn how to use it makes me want to crawl into my fabric stash and hide.

  10. Love your top! It's nice when you can tell when a fabric will look good on you before you buy it. I think it's tragic when I buy fabric, sew it up, and then never wear what I've made because it makes me look weird. :(

  11. We won't be able to judge your "still aliveness" or lack thereof due to the blurry photos, so no need to shun any particular colors. That said, I really like the colors of this one!

  12. Yet another nice one! I love the fabric, too.

  13. Love it! The fabric is gor-ge-ous!


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