Monday, April 5, 2010


brown peace fabric

I, like, totally was one with the cosmos and riffing in my sewing karma, man.  Whoooa.  So I managed to finish one groovy summer dress for Moonblossom-- I mean TLo.  It's got the whole total nature thing going on, right?

peace dress

I used an OOP New Look pattern (NL 6474), even though it is clearly a tool of the bourgeoisie establishment, trying to make all little girls look like, you know man, little girls.  It totally forces us to see girls based on the gender roles society puts on them, man.  And it has a hat.


This pattern only went up to a size "4", which totally discriminates against TLo's need to be, you know, a size 6.  So I graded it up and added a new, longer skirt. 

Because she's like a flower, she will grow in the summer sun.


Then I added some ruffles to the front, because it totally honors TLo's need to express herself through, you know, ruffles.  She won't be kept down by the Man, man.


I drafted a facing to sandwich the ruffles to the front.  


Mmmm.... sandwich.



She digs it, man.


  1. She is a flower child incarnate!!! She's adorable and so is the dress. I love the green accent fabric and the ruffle!

  2. So groovy I want one in my size.
    Oh, wait, I'd look ridiculous.
    Never mind.

  3. Totally groovy man, (etc etc). I've learnt not to read your posts with a mouth full of coffee, because the teenager gets upset when I spit on the screen!

    To briefly answer your query re ease in ther Aldrich drafts, I have found drafting her blocks from her charts for a size 86 gives a perfect block for Isabella (who is 82 and a bit cm tall). ie, nice fit with a bit of growing room and decent ease. I'll do a bit of measuring when I can get someone to hold her down and do a proper post on the subject because that is damned valuable and useful info to know!

  4. I want to make a halter dress now! That color combo is super cute too :-)

  5. Dude...what a totally righteous dress, man. You are like, so one with your fabric. Right on...

  6. That dress is adorable!


  7. heh. I like how you're intertwining 80s punk and 60s mod speak. :P

    And damn that Heather, she stole mine. But can you have too many ...Riiighteousss. I think not.

  8. -snort- I am ALL about the 80's punk and 60's hippiness. That is so totally me it's not funny (since I was born in 1968, that pretty much covers my life from birth to high school).


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