Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Random Information, Some More Of It

So an hour ago, White-Supremacist-Possible-Drugdealer-Crazed-Gunman Guy decided to come barrelling past my house chased by literally the entire law-enforcement body of our town/county (most of whom screeched to a stop in front of my house and hopped out of their many, many law-enforcement vehicles with guns drawn), ran into a house three houses down from us (which may or may not be the house of someone related to him) and shot himself in the head within the vicinity of or possibly in front of the two children who live there (who may or may not be related to him, but who's hysteria, combined with the clear trauma inflicted on the gentleman collecting them, when he heard the person who may or may not have been related to them was most likely dead, made me cry out loud so that my husband told me I had to go back inside), all after shooting and/or killing six people in another part of town (in a place where my husband's classmates usually gather to study), which we only found out about after turning on the news to see if the massive law-enforcement/shooting scenario in front of our house was being reported on yet (despite the fact that it happened only ten minutes earlier, in fact recently enough that the reporter stated that the "lone gunman" was still at large, to which I replied "Not any more. I think those cops just shot him.").

Right.  So I decided since I’m crazy-hyper-alert now, I would try to focus on something else.   All of which is the roundabout way to say this is another episode of Random Information, albeit a potentially wacky and rambly one since I'm a little.... freaked.  These are things that have been percolating at the back of my mind for a few days but I just didn't get to yet:

1)  Trena (the Slapdash Sewist) asked a while back about the facings I drafted for TLo’s Ladybug Dress. To be more specific, she very kindly complimented me on the facings and asked if I have any tips.  To be quite honest, I don’t.  They are very straightforward facings, which I drafted by lining up the front and back bodices at the armscye, tracing around the armscyes and adding about 2 inches for the width.  I serged the lower edge and then I tacked each facing down at the center by stitch-in-the-ditching at the side seam.  I think what makes them look so nice is that they’re so small compared to regular grown-up facings and so they just don’t flop around like grown-up facings do.  That’s not really anything to do with skill on my part, it’s just physics.  So that wasn’t highly helpful, but I didn’t want Trena to think I was ignoring her very nice comment because I wasn’t.

2) I remembered (rather belatedly) to inform Mr. Donald Hendricks of Legacy Designs Paperdolls  that I snagged one of his images and posted a link to his website, re: Paperdoll Mania.  Mr. Donald Hendricks (or a close approximation thereof) emailed me back and said that while enjoying the publicity and goodwill of bloggers, there was some sadness at people not actually mentioning that YOU CAN BUY HIS PAPERDOLLS.  I forgot to mention this as well.  If I had spare income I would purchase many, but since I’m a poverty-stricken mother of two who works two jobs and apparently lives in the kind of neighborhood where white-supremacist drug-dealer gunmen (possibly) live, I don’t really have the disposable income right now.  So I will just say: If you have some disposable income and a penchant for exquisite illustration, please purchase something from the mysterious Donald Hendricks, whose email is either written by an assistant, one of his multiple personalities or in the royal “We”.  I’m not totally sure which.  I sort of prefer to imagine it's in the royal "We".

Well, being snarky about a total stranger has calmed me down a bit and I think I’ll head off to bed.  I thought I had more questions to answer and random information to give, but I guess I only have those two.  Clearly I’m not interesting enough and will have to work harder to generate questions!  Um… so let’s see:

“If you could be any kind of animal, what kind would you be?”  No, wait!  I mean: “If any kind of animal could be you, which kind would?”

Discuss amongst yourselves.  I'm going to try to sleep.
(edit: well, that guy wasn’t the children’s father, he was their uncle.  so I guess there are some small mercies, although not many, in this situation.  one person (other than the shooter) has died, the others’ injuries are “non-life threatening”.  as for my kids, their bedroom is at the back of the house and they slept through the whole thing.)


  1. That's terrifying. And scary. Are the girls OK?

  2. Yikes, I would have trouble sleeping too. DH is a FF/Paramedic in the town we live in, and he says there's bad stuff in every town in America, and you'd never know it. Our community seems like a quiet rural one, but the same trouble (domestics, drugs, abuse) exists, that most people (not dealing with the fire/police) have no knowledge of. Hugs to you and the girls.

  3. Holy Shit! I'm sorry, those are the only words I have right now... I'm hoping your kids didn't see all this?

  4. That's why more excitement than I like in my evenings! Crazy people could live anywhere. No zoning can keep them out. I hope everything gets back to normal now .

  5. how traumatic!!! There's been some excitement going on in my town that is not being allowed to being publicized by the media. I am hoping it will not reach the level of being so!

  6. Holy crap! At least your girls slept through all of it. Here's hoping you can calm yourself down soon. Those poor kids who had to witness the whole terrifying event.

    And if I could be an animal I'd like to be something that neither preyed nor was preyed upon. An elephant maybe? In pre-human times the life of a New Zealand native bird would have been pretty sweet too. The stress of catching or being food would wear me out.

  7. !
    Very tragic for the families and loved ones who lost someone to violence.

    Of course you're unglued. I hope just sharing it a little bit has helped you breathe easier.

  8. Sorry to be grinning, but this is usually the long rambly bits you email to me at 11 at night. ha! Did you think I'd be asleep or have I been slacking on my appropriate respons-isms? :P

  9. LOL no, I just figured I'd kill two birds with one stone. I'm efficient like that.

  10. Good grief, what an experience - definitely a time for hot chocolate and closed curtains. As a barrister friend once said to me: thank God for our own humdrum lives. I had to agree! I can never understand how people can want to live outside the law - they must have very high blood pressure.

  11. Don't blame you for being freaked out! Hope everything has calmed down by now.


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