Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Perfect Doll.

OK, so despite my promise to stop being so depressing all the time, yesterday’s post was a little bit of a downer.  (Although I have to say:  Ministry.  Playing The Grateful Dead.  That is so funny!) 

Since I’m still in the middle of drafting TLo’s new summer wardrobe from her custom-fit pattern blocks (super-exciting!), I don’t have anything to show in the way of sewing right now.  Or even in the way of pattern blocks, since I figured those would be pretty dull without a finished garment to gawk at.  So here’s something else.

When I’m totally bummed out and need something pretty to look at, my All Time Bestest Favorite Eye-candy Star is the amazing Donald Hendricks. 

go to 

Now, you would think it was enough that he draws the most kick-ass paper dolls around.  But no.  He also put them online.  So you can play with themFor FREE

The latest is Poiret.

go to


Paper dolls.  Poiret.  Together.   It is genius.  Genius, I tell you.


I heart Donald Hendricks.  He is my internet hero.

(And no, I have absolutely no association with said hero.   He just rocks.)

PS.  To play with the paper dolls, go to the “Dress The Dolls” link and click on the one you want to play with.


  1. OOOOhhhhh..... I love paper dolls!

  2. Fun! I saw the Poiret exhibit at the Met Costume Institute several years ago and it was AWESOME.

  3. How do you FIND this cool stuff?! Not that I care, It just makes me sooooo happy that you do, so I get to enjoy it. Cheers! :-)


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