Monday, July 25, 2011

Boxing Clever

So last winter I printed out a bunch of decorative papers with the idea of covering my really ugly pattern storage boxes.  Because they’re banker boxes.  And really ugly.  And I have access to a 60” color printer. Two, actually. 

Unfortunately, in winter it was too cold to spray-glue.  (It’s a verb.  Yes, it is.  No, really.  Deal with it.)   I decided to wait until spring.

Uh.  Except, we didn’t actually have a spring and I forgot about it.  I also might possibly have lost my spray glue.  (That one is a noun…. also, I think “She has totally lost. her. spray glue.” is a fabulous idiom that we should all start using immediately. Yes.  We should.)

Here’s an ugly banker box.



I downloaded some free vector files, changed the colors, tiled them into 60” strips, printed them out and wrapped the boxes.

Here are the finished boxes.



Here are the labels, which I printed on my printer at home and glued on to the box lids.  Yes, “spray-glued”.  They’ll probably fall off next week, at which time I’ll think of some other method for attaching them.  Maybe.



All you need to complete this project:

  1. five banker boxes and lids
  2. free vector files in assorted patterns
  3. graphics editing software to tile the patterns and edit the colors
  4. a 60” color plotter
  5. spray glue
  6. a bazillion patterns in file-folders.  Or 9”x12” envelopes.  Or both.

It couldn’t be easier.


  1. Brilliant. I did not know there was such a thing as a 60" printer. Something new to add to the "Lottery List"!

    As Tanit-Isis does, word verification is fritic, definition=frantic critic.

  2. OK either yer really bored or you're procrastinating some other fabulous projects, what gives?

  3. I'll get started tomorrow. I'm sure I have all that stuff around here somewhere.

    Oh wait.

    I don't.

    I've totally lost my spray glue.

  4. They are lovely. Next time I have access to a 60" plotter for zilch, I will totally get right on this.

    Also, are you one of those creepy people who organizes their patterns by number?!? (backs away slowly)

    Word verification:
    gerridigm: a paradigm for the elderly. That wonderfully liberating life-change when you realize that blue really is a good colour for hair (despite giving your kids crap for it when they were teenagers) and that comfort beats style hands-down. Especially considering all the junk kids are wearing these days.

  5. Now that you've covered your boxes, you need to find yourself a 60" fabric printer.

  6. I totally lost my spray glue when you said the words: "I have access to a 60 inch printer. . ." because I would love a 60 inch printer and wow! The things I could print! Then I really lost my spray glue when I saw your cute boxes!

  7. Wow, that is a clever fix-up. Vector files, I've never heard of them. Quite smart to just wrap them instead of using spray-glue since you're already unsure if the labels will stick.
    (I almost used spray-glue as a verb here, thanks to your undermining influence.)


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