Saturday, July 9, 2011

Like Colors Through The Hourglass, These Are The Days Of… no, wait…

Have you checked out The Color Of…?  It’s some experimental software that Paul Overton featured on DudeCraft earlier this week.  Gotta love it.  They’re taking a bunch of photos pulled from Flickr based on your text parameter and then superimposing them to get an aggregate pixel color.  Um.  You put in a word, it finds pictures associated with that word and averages the colors.  Then you get a pretty picture.

Now, one flaw so far is that this only uses Flickr for it’s photo sampling and presumably only uses tags to pull the images…. so you have a pretty limited range of images in your mélange.   I could not, for instance, do “Beangirl” as it only pulled up six images when I tried that (none of them mine, since I don’t use Flickr).

Here are some others I tried though:

color of Gucci

the color of Fargo

color of awesome

color of kristine

I find them surprisingly evocative.  For instance, the “Fargo” images had just one single landscape in the sampling and included several vintage cars and neon signs and people, and yet the end result looks strikingly like… well… Fargo.  Coincidental, but amusing.

I think this will be very interesting with added options to broaden the search parameters to get a wider sampling of images.  Or, uh, not so interesting.  Uh, to normal people.  I’m easily amused by playing with random color.  Whatever.  It’s my blog.  I can play with the pretty colors if I want to.



  1. Cool! I looked up the colour of Sydney, where I live - and it looked about right :-)


    ddi you do something to it? i know you did.

  3. I don't see any purple, tangerine or turquoise in that Gucci picture, what gives?


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