Friday, July 15, 2011

Magnetic Reasoning.



Because that so is in line with what I learned in third grade science.  With a cheap set of magnets.  That positive energy attracts positive energy.


Statements like this are why upbeat, positive people irritate the crap out of me.   Repel me, if you will.

Hey wait…. maybe opposites don’t attract.  Stupid third grade science.  I just can’t rely on you for anything.


  1. everything around us is made up of energy. That energy is made up of all the souls of all the people who once lived on this planet (well, maybe on others, as well). Some of that energy is positive, some is negative. Take the energy you want for yourself and make your own energy to leave when you die. I would like to think it's this way, anyway.


    He says it much better than I ever could.

    You are hilarious, as always :)

  3. the thing is, if this statement was talking about positive thought... totally. I totally agree. I think that if you persist in negative thought, you will generally find that life is pretty damned negative. And if you persist in positive thought, life will be pretty positive. Which is, of course, just blatantly obvious: a person who thinks positively must by definition find their life a positive thing. Good, sound common sense.

    Not that I'm going to follow it or anything, of course. We have met right?

  4. Where are the unicorns and rainbows?

  5. I need to stop reading your posts while I'm drinking. Ice water in my nose is positively painful but does manage to cool the body down quite quickly (in case you needed a hot weather tip).


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