Monday, July 18, 2011

Ready, Steady… You’re Old!

I had this on vinyl. 

You know… vinyl?  That plastic stuff they used to put music on? Seriously… plastic stuff. And you put it on this round spinny thing and it made music.  Then we all danced around the cave waving dinosaur bones and marveling at the miracle of fire.


Yes.  Back when there were dinosaurs.



….Top of the POPS? Good. Grief. Seriously? Just let them sing, for Pete’s sake. Sorry. This was the only video I could find…. Top of the flippin’ Pops…. mutter mumble… mutter… stupid tv…. grumble… ruining Billy Idol…. mutter… totally ridiculous… mumble…. lip-syncing… grumble… mutter….


  1. I SO remember when...... if you were past 30, you were OLD!!!

  2. TOTP - British Institution. lip-syncing? that wasn't the worst of it - try Pan's People.

    They did away with it eventually. Very sad.

  3. I remember vinyl! I totally had Sharon, Lois, & Bram on record, and probably Mr. Rogers, too!

    What, did I make you feel old?

    Now think about this... our kids won't remember a time before youtube.

  4. Tanit - MY kids don't remember the days before microwaves. I bet you don't either. Pffft. lol

  5. I will confess that I never had a record player (though I knew what they were!) because I came about in the era of cassette tapes....I can remember recording my fave songs off of the radio back before CD's came out. I also lived in an apartment that had a built in player for those oversized cassettes that I can't think of the name for right now...

    Sorry...that probably didn't make you feel any better, did it...

  6. My band is still putting out vinyl. But then, I loved Billy Idol too.

  7. Debbie, I think I might hate you for bringing up microwaves etc. I started listing mentally all the everyday items created since I reached adulthood. This is very depressing. I am going to go eat chocolate. Lots of it.

    Tanit-Isis, you are now on my hate list too.


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