Monday, October 25, 2010

Did You Know….?



… that pressing hams are really cat pillows?

I did not know that.

Cat For Sale.  Cheap.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

In Which I Wander Around The House Shaking My Head In Confusion

People.  This morning I wrote a post.  It had photos.  It had arbitrary ranting about other people’s clothing choices.  It had deeply-felt self-deprecation at my own foolishness in the ways of choosing pattern sizes.  It was a good post.

And then, in the interest of keeping you, Gentle Readers, yes you well entertained and fully informed, I decided to try my latest creation on TLo.  Just one last time.  Just to take pictures and thereby astound and amaze you with the madness that was my latest sizing choice for her.  Because on Friday, people, Friday it did not fit.  Not even remotely.  It was too small.  Too tight across the chest.  Unwearable by TLo.  And I created a whole lovely post about that sad fact, rife with photos of poor TBO having to wear a hand-me-down shirt that was entirely too large for her.

And this afternoon?  It fit.  I mean, it fit TLo.  The person I made it for and who tried it on with little success.  On Friday.


I’m pretty sure my children are conspiring to drive me mad so they can inherit my fortune.  Which would consist of a 10-year-old minivan and roughly six acres of fabric.  They are evil.

Anyway, here’s the blouse in all it’s glory:

go to It’s Ottobre 1-2007 #34, which I’ve been just waiting for one of my kids to get big enough to wear.  Uh.  And of course TLo jumped right from the bottom of the size range to a whopping 146.  (Yes, you heard me.  One. Forty.  Six.)  I’m hoping I get more use out of it, because I think it’s the perfect school uniform blouse.



Straightforward construction, cute details, cheap-but-nice fabric… Plenty to like.  Still, the fit mystery is… well, a mystery. 

Now, in all fairness, when I tried this on TLo on Friday, I hadn’t completed the buttonholes yet.  Buttonholes are not my friends and I prefer to ignore them until the last possible moment.  So TLo tried on the shirt and I merely held the plackets closed.  It was tight.  Very tight.  Too tight to wear.  Much cursing was to be heard.

I am so glad I decided to try it on her again today.  TLo is in desperate need of blouses.  And this ended up being just right.