Monday, March 12, 2012

Liberty. A Good Word For So Many Things.

No, today I’m not talking about Liberty of London, although clearly it is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

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I’m also not talking about Liberty Valance.  Or the man who shot him.


I’m not even talking about actual “liberty”, the concept of which I’d have to write a doctoral dissertation (or five) to adequately consider.  Apparently.  Good grief.

I’m talking about a quilt pattern.  One that I’ve owned for about 17 years.  That I’m just getting around to trying out.  This week.

And you thought my garment sewing was glacial.

The pattern is “Lady Liberty Goes To Hawaii” by Karen Stone. 

Lady Liberty pattern

She re-released this pattern when ElectricQuilt put out a digital edition of eleven of her foundation-piece patterns, but my version is the original paper-printed one that was going ‘round the quilt shops before... y’know… there were personal computers.

Seriously.  Before personal computers. Oy veys mir.

You see, a series of unrelated circumstances occurred:

1) the lovely Stephanie at Venus DeHilo made a fabulous version a few weeks ago. 

2) I just spent two weekends completely rearranging, refurnishing and reorganizing the Evil Monkeys’ bedroom, replete with new bedding.  It’s pretty funky and looks fabulous with their new double bed:

dwell duvet @

But they now have a very large wall over the headboard that is no longer hidden by a bunk bed. 

3) While rearranging/organizing/sandblasting the Evil Monkey Lair, I discovered that the Monkeys can wear all their spring and summer clothes from last year.  All of them.  Not one piece of clothing needs to be sewn. Not even Easter Dresses.  My mind fairly boggled at the prospect, let me tell you.


Three seemingly unrelated incidences.  Mulling around in my brain.  What to do, what to do?

Go fabric shopping.  Obviously.

That was obvious, right?



Truth be told, I’m feelin’ the liberty of a totally new, non-clothing related project. 

Now, if I can just finish it.  Cleaning out the closets this week pointed out in glaring technicolor just how many UFO quilt tops I have.   What an oppressive thought.


  1. That's lovely! Good luck... (so you will have it sewn up in another 17 years? ;) )

    I'm pretty sure my family got our first PC 'round about 1986... maybe 84. I remember because we had just gotten a colour TV and we used the old B&W for the monitor. It took cassette tapes...

  2. Go for it! It's fun to sew a quilt now and then. Sewing without worrying about fit- hurray!

  3. Why are the Evil Monkeys sharing a bed? And just because their Easter dresses fit from last year doesn't mean that their mother shouldn't sew them new dresses. just saying. Love, Sister Sara

    1. because they were already sharing one anyway. I figured why have two?

      And yes, yes it does mean exactly that. If the dress fits, wear it.

  4. Yay! So glad to see you diving in. Your yellow/black colorway is going to be awesome.

  5. You go, girl! Those are some pretty fabulous colors, and I'm excited to see them all pieced together. Its going to look amazing!


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