Friday, May 14, 2010

In Which I Join The Circus.

A while ago Big In Japan wrote to me:

"I'm discouraged. I hate wasting time. And I'm not a speedy sewer."

I'm totally putting that on my tombstone.   I couldn’t have summed up my life any better if I tried.

Actually, I'm feeling pretty good about what I've sewn for myself lately.   (And apparently for the most part so is Big In Japan: check out her Pattern Reviews here.) 

So of course, once I have some sense of potential achievement, I then discover that I have absolutely zero time to sew anything.   Not even a super-speedy simple blouse that I've already fitted, already sewn before, has no zippers or fastenings of any kind and requires zero binding, hand-stitching or fancy sewing.   Nope.   Not even for that.

Especially since my rotten cat got fleas from the neighbor kid (seriously) and proceeded to immediately roll around all over my pressing table... including on the fabric I was in the middle of cutting out.   So that now, on top of having too much to do anyway, we have to launder about twenty loads of clothes, bedding and fabric.  

I’m telling you now: Beangirl doesn’t do vermin.


Or maybe I should.  I'm thinking about starting my own flea circus.   We should at least put the little creeps to work.   Check it out.   I could totally rock that costume, right?


  1. Yuck! Fleas! I miss my cat(gone to sleep forever in bliss in the great clean laundry basket of clothes in the sky) but I don't miss fleas. I have no time to sew either - and my kids are grown! Work is really getting in the way of my hobbies

  2. Me too:
    ~ Miss my dear departed kitty, don't miss the fleas or pet hair.
    ~ It's been over two weeks since I got close enough to the sewing machine to hit the power switch.

    Had some free time last weekend, but was too tired to sew, have now lost all momentum on current projects. Hope to get reinspired this weekend, before those projects turn into UFOs.

  3. The cat got fleas from the neighbor kid?? That's awesome!! Sorry they got into the sewing space though - that is the worst!!

  4. Hey, with your fleas and my silver tatami bugs we could start an international traveling fun show. Send the little pests on the road!

    Today I had time and a great pattern(tested) and then when I went to the fabric store there was NOTHING that struck my fancy. Never mind that last week, prior to pattern testing, EVERYTHING struck my fancy.

    What gives, all-knowing Priestess of wisdom and knowledge?

    Big in Japan

  5. You definitely need the headdress. :P

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  7. Hmm, you'd have to sew that costume first.
    Let us once again be inspired by Judy: "(t)here are no mistakes, only opportunities for design features."


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