Monday, May 24, 2010

Voile! Good God, Y’all. What Is It Good For?

Say it again.


May.  Busy.  So very busy.

Last week we attended two-- no wait, three-- no wait, two birthday parties. No wait, it was four.  Plus a block party.  And the Evil Monkeys had three, no four, school field trips between them. 

Plus the cat has irrevocable fleas from, apparently, the massive invasive flea colony living under our house (and therefore apparently not the fault of our neighbor kid).  So that's only cost us $300 and hundreds of hours deal with so far. 

Plus there are the ten other birthday/soccer/end-of-school/let’s- celebrate-something-totally-mundane-and-ordinary parties we've attended or will attend this month.  Plus TLo's 'graduation' from Kindergarten.  Plus, swimming season has begun.  We must now swim with the Evil Monkeys at least four times a week.  Or their heads will explode.  Or something.

I hate May.  I have not sewn anything for at least a week and a half.


I hate May.

In a completely unrelated story:

I have at least three pieces of voile in my stash.  Purchased because I loved the pattern or the color.  But what the heck do you make with voile?  It's sort of... oddly crisp.  Weirdly drapey.  Ever so slightly... scratchy.

So today I got the link to's monthly free pattern download from HotPatterns.  Here it is:


It's a cover-up.  But I'm thinking I might just try it out as a top.  Which means I have to make a camisole to go under it.

So that's: 1) fit and make a top from voile, 2) fit and make at least one camisole from knit, 3) use my superpowers to find six extra hours in every day that no one knew about before.

It could happen.  Although since my superpower is, apparently, an astonishing ability to whine and an ability to project abject panic in the face of insect infestation, I'm not totally sure yet how that's going to work.  The details are a little... hazy.


  1. It's cute and it doesn't look like it's terribly complicated. You can do it!! And then you'll have a use for Voile.

  2. I made a Burda top just like that and I love it. Fit it first? No, I don't think so. It's flowy, so don't sweat it. Put the exhausted-from-swimming evil monkeys to bed early and you'll have it done in 2 nights. I swear. Save your superpowers for something more important, like flea control!

  3. I used voile a lot when I was a teen. I made a couple of prom dresses and a couple of Sunday-go-to-meetin' type dresses. I loved sewing with it! I will need to look for some to make Easter frocks next year for one or two of the grands. I think a top with a camisole under it would look great.
    May is a busy, busy month for me too. I love it though!

  4. Stop whining and making it already because *I* want to too, but I want someone else to dive in first. ;-)

  5. Its looking good but you must to give it some extra time to complete it.

  6. I have a couple of pieces of voile in stash, which I plan to underline with cotton batiste. The mere idea of wearing a close fitting knit cami underneath another top makes me sweat.

  7. Peasanty-type tops?? I dunno. But I like it, and wish I had several pretty color/prints of it in stash. Hint hint.

  8. Voile is perfect for that pretty top/cover up - whatevr it is - MAKE IT NOW. Time spent sleeping is time wasted, right? Who needs sleep when they could be sewing?

  9. I too thought that beachy cover up would make a great top. I just bought camis (I know) from old navy for $5 each. Don't spend the time trying to make them.

    there are also some cute tops in Ottobre with shirring which would work with the voile - I think. g


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