Friday, February 18, 2011

A Cup Half Full

Tonight we had two choices at the movies: The King’s Speech or The Eagle.

I suppose the advantage to watching a Hollywood movie about a famous Roman-British historical event with an obsessive-compulsive student of Roman-British history is… if you see it in the movie theater, you won’t have to listen to screams of outrage and watch things like your popcorn being thrown at the tv screen.  Even obsessive-compulsive Roman-British history students feel obliged to maintain some semblance of public courtesy in a movie theater.  The same can not be said of one’s home.

On a completely unrelated note: Channing Tatum.  He’s kinda hot.  For a total doofus.  It’s disturbing. 

Unfortunately, I feel almost exactly the same way about Colin Firth.


  1. Who's throwing the corn? You or the spouse? Do they even show such films in the theaters?

  2. Definitely the Husband. He managed to control himself admirably and only twitched two or three times. I have to say, even I am aware that a celtic tribe in northern britain c. 40 AD is unlikely to own eight arabian horses. Duh. However, had we been at home, much shouting and agrievement would have been heard.

  3. sorry, that's 140 ad, not 40 ad. although in fact it would apply.

  4. Totally green you got to see 'The King's Speech'. I hope the muttering beside you didn't interfere with your following the story.

  5. The BF and I saw Black Swan yesterday. Well done, but creepy..Had to keep closing my eyes which was not good as I was also knitting a scarf....

  6. Linked to you here off TanitIsis - hi!

    Your husband has my sympathy. 'A Beuatiful Mind' is still an amazing film and 'Good Will Hunting' is all right, I suppose, but don't try and watch them having done a Maths degree. They will make you want to cry.

    Did you see 'The King's Speech' in the end? IMO it deserved every single BAFTA and Oscar that it got awarded.


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