Monday, February 14, 2011

He seyde he lovede, and was biloved no thyng

As we all know, so many aspects of our lives are molded by... medieval English poetry.  Right?

Saint Valentine's Day is one of them.  So take an opportunity to say "I yow love" to all your loved ones, whomever they may be.  Extra points if you do it wearing a wimple.


Here’s Jackie.  He’s not wearing a wimple.  He is wearing a red lammé jumpsuit.  And moccasins.

Ahhh, the 70’s.


  1. yow? thyng? wimple?

    I have no idea whaccher talkinnaboud. And I can't hear what Jackie Wilson is singing, although I CAN see the jumpsuit and moccasins in motion.

  2. My dearly beloved's aunt wore a wimple. Of course, she was a Mother Superior. Do I get points by association?

  3. I spy...a new profile pic! Am I late on this one? How did this not get a post of its own?



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