Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cashing In My CDs.

Ha.  You didn’t think I meant money, did you?  Like I have money.  Psssht.

No, I have something much richer and more meaningful: used CDs.  I have literally dozens of these things.  My employer send me files on them and once I’ve downloaded them, they’re useless.

Totally and utterly useless.

Unless you want to make one of these:


Or one of these:


Or even these:



Hahha.  I didn’t put in any photos.  You noticed that, right?  To be honest, I did not find one single solitary “CD craft” that I would even remotely consider making.  And I didn’t really feel like poking fun at the crafts that other people did (in some bizarre way feel compelled to) make.


CD crafts.  Suggestions?


  1. Around here, kleenex are expensive. I've made a tube the size of a toilet roll with elastic in the top. Then I take out the cardboard and I have a great tissue dispenser that doesn't look like a toilet toll on my desk. The CD, you ask? I put that in the bottom, it fits excactly.

  2. Yeah... there has to be *something* they're good for, right? I've seen some jewelry using the shiny side that was cute, but you can only use what, one or two pieces of that, tops?

    Can you just recycle them?

  3. So tricksy Beangirl! I was all like, damn she found something awesome to do with CD's that isn't a huckery mobile.
    Yeah, I got nothing.

  4. I took up your challenge and wandered through Pinterest trying to find something attractive and/or useful to do with them. I found one thing useful if you do stuff with polymer clay, but that's it. All the crafts I found are ugly or stupid looking, not a quality I look for in craft projects. Yes I am different. Anyway here is the link for the useful polymer clay gadget. Enjoy.

  5. Here is a set of instructions for using old CDs to scare birds away from your garden and fruit trees. However, the notes and comments indicate it does not work. But it's something.

    Hey, my verification word is beaneeli! Use it in a sentence!

  6. Hum. You can make cute purses out of vinyl records. I don't suppose they'd look any kind of cute made from data cds...?

  7. apparently I forgot to include the link for the useful polymer clay gadget, I am suffering from mentalpause.

  8. Maybe some things just aren't meant to be craft projects? (Good for you for trying, though, hehe.) But then, I'm admittedly not crafty, having a sewing blog, not a craftsewing blog. My famous sister-in-law actually gave me a Christmas craft to do with my kids complete with every supply I would need for it. (Yeah, we're lucky.)

  9. I don't know if I dreamt this or if I actually saw it on HGTV Design on a Dime (a fews years ago with the old crew with the cute head gay Bear blonde guy and Autumn the sewing whiz; not the current hipster we-try-so-hard-and-you-arent-relevant crew)They covered a large painted canvas with CD's flipped over so the groovy hologram side was all hologrammy and groovy. Personally I would stand in your front yard and throw them like sparkly frisbees towards Crawford Texas with the hope and the prayer they hit W in the back of the head.

  10. Hi

    I've seen them used, plain shiny side up, as elements on homemade little girls kitchens. If you look on apartment therapy they have the most amazing re-purposed tv stand for the old non flat screen. Made a really beautiful kitchen. They used a loaf pan for the sink, a piece of pipe for the tap.
    Keep in mind that a small child will be perfectly happy if you make one of these out of a big cardboard box.
    You could also use them as shingles on a small childs house of cardboard, or pallets. (Depends how ambitious you are.
    Do post if you decide to use one of these ideas
    Mary in Thailand

  11. My 11yo collected lots of old cds and stuck them all over her cupboard doors for the mirror effect. It looks kinda cool.

    Lol, my verification word is mizatio - sounds like a Harry Potter spell

  12. Ive seen them stuck on the front of cards for a funky Birthday card. That's kinda it tbh.


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