Monday, December 12, 2011

En Vogue. Not.

So the big kerfuffle lately is, of course, the super-hush-hush digital Vogue Archive.  Which is, essentially, a digital copy of every single solitary issue of Vogue ever printed.  From cover to cover.  And you can subscribe to it.

© Vogue Archive

Oooooo.  Ahhhhhh.  Ooooooooh.


Um.  For $1,575.  A year.


Yeeeaaaah…. I’ll just get right on that….


On the other hand, there is free access to the Vogue Encyclopedia (rather irritatingly called the “Voguelepedia” or something stupid like that).  At least you can look up some basic fashion facts if you’d like.  Sort of.

© Voguepedia


“But wait!” you shout.  “There must be something for me!  Yes, me!  What about me?!”

Fine.  I give you this: the Valentino Virtual Museum

You heard me.

© Valentino Virtual Museum

You have to download the app to your computer.  Then you can just wander around in here, looking at dresses, watching videos… click on a dress and you get this:

© Valentino Virtual Museum

Sketches.  Photos.  History.  Zoom in.  Wow.

I love this thing.  I love that it’s free.  I love the attitude…. I mean, come on.  Their graphics quality setting button is labeled “good”, “beautiful” and “fantastic”.  That’s a little bit awesome.

You’ve probably already seen this or heard about it.  But if not, you should check it out.  I definitely wish all the couture houses would do this.  Right?


There.  I’ve done my Good Fashion Deed for the week.

You’re welcome.  Again.


  1. OOOh, thank you for the Valentino Museum app. I could spend hours just studying those amazing dresses.

  2. The Valentino app is FAB. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Ooooh, now there's no hope I'll get anything useful done this week...

  4. Finally something BETTER than porn and ebay on the internets!

  5. What? There's something BETTER than porn and ebay? (Did I say that out loud?)

  6. i read this to ruggy and he was (disgustedly) speechless. WT seriously heavy F.

    thanks for that online museum tip though. that F is cool.


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