Friday, January 27, 2012

100. Always A Nice Round Figure. (Much Like Mine. Ha.)

So this week I garnered my 100th follower.  Amazing!  And of course, I figure this is an opportunity to... shamelessly promote myself and toot my own horn for a while.

Don’t act like you’re surprised.

In honor of the 100th follower (who happens to be the lovely Karin from “Sew Here We Go Again”) I've decided to make a new page called "The Best Of Beangirl: The Blog".  Um.  In case a new reader might be slightly, uh, bored.  With the recent fare.  Er... because it's been slightly slow lately.  A bit.

In fact I think most of the recent followers have actually been reading for a while (like the above-mentioned Karin) but what the heck.  New page.  Up there.  At the top.  Check it out.


  1. Awe shucks! Thanks for the shout out!
    It's true, I generally follow blogs using my blog roll and therefore forget to formally follow. (this was a disaster when I had to abandon my old blog. I still haven't found a few people that I lost touch with.)
    I'll have a look through your greatest hits:-)

  2. I didn't realize I hadn't officially signed up as a follower. So I just did. I use bloglovin, and you have three followers there too.

  3. Well whaddya know. There was a period there where I was following everybody--I don't know how I missed you. Fixed.

  4. I always forget to sign up via the friend connect, I just read through my google reader. Speaking of which, you have 184 subscribers there ;).

    Congratulations! ;)

  5. I use a Firefox add-on called "brief" to follow blogs, so I probably don't show up as an official follower for anyone. So you might have even more than you think that are super stealthy ninja-types like me. ;-)

    My word verification is that like the gal you are sharing a seat on the subway with?

  6. When I started using google reader, I chose to follow other blogs. Later, I started to only subscribe to blogs. I know that I'm subscribed to your blog, and wonder if google counts me as one of your followers. ah, sweet conundrum...


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