Friday, January 13, 2012

See? I Did Make Something.


I made a Sears Catalog Model.  From 1973. 


She lives in a fabulous world of sunshine and rainbows and bellbottom corduroy pants. She hears the sounds of the happy birds calling her….

Actually she looks like a mannequin, don’t you think?  If only she were as quiet as one.  Or as obedient.

The jacket is Ottobre 4-2008 #38.  I used weird pastel lime green polkadot minky.  Because I have yards and yards and yards of it.  For some reason.


The jacket is cute.  Unfortunately, you wouldn’t know that based on the photos of TLo wearing it, since she insisted on putting it on over her bulky tunic (also cute.  Y’know… on it’s own…).

I did try to take some other photos.  Not very successfully.

For instance, I’m pretty sure The Big One’s head isn’t really three sizes too big.  (I mean, I’m willing to go with two sizes too big, but three just seems extreme…)



I can’t even think of anything to say about this.   It’s just disturbing.



What are they looking at???



I give up.


  1. You are right!! She does look like the catalogue models from our childhood in that picture, lol. It's hard to see much detail in your pics, but I definitely like the line drawing. A bright springy colour in winter can be uplifting, and if you are a kid, why not?

  2. I like it!! Especially in lime green minky. And at least she's posing for you, even if it does have a bit of a mannequin vibe. Mine big ones have both been on strike recently. Last time I had to threaten to take away Myra's clothes if she wouldn't at least stand still in front of the camera. Darn kids.

  3. haha! I love the "look at the floor like it's really interesting" pose. Too fab.

    The jacket is cute too, I even like it over the tunic.

  4. Pesky kids! It's the hands that do it in the first picture.

    Tyo's pretty good with sullen and moody photos (go figure) but she's a bit self-conscious about her braces, so getting a real smile out of her these days is almost impossible.

    And the thing with their heads is they really ARE huge. Next time you're at a garden centre stand one beside one of those Greek-style half-scale statues. It's creepy. :)

    Oh, jacket. Totally cute. My kids are always begging me to sew with minky and I just can't bring myself to buy it.

  5. Those two crack me up! And big heads are all a matter of perspective. Round these parts, big heads are the norm, I'm often singled out (and lightly ridiculed) for having what seems to be a small head. I try to compensate with big hair but that doesn't really last longer than 30 minutes.

  6. At least she's posing! I have to resort to elaborate bribes and then after 2 pictures, I'm told that's enough.

    It's a cute jacket!

  7. Its a very cute jacket. I've said it before but I think I could be taking tips from your daughter's photo posing. She's got a much greater repertoire than me!

  8. It's a cute jacket. It'll even look cute with...coordinating colors (:
    I made the shirt variation of this pattern, which was a mistake, because it's sized as a cardigan. Otto tried to make two patterns out of one draft - it doesn't always work, I guess.

  9. I miss them - big heads and all!


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