Friday, April 13, 2012

Proof That The People At Ottobre Hate Me.

Because just when I decide that The Evil Monkeys have plenty (and by “plenty” I mean “a ludicrous quantity”) of clothes for the summer…. the wicked people at Ottobre Design come out with the Summer 2012 issue.

It looks like this:

Ottobre 3-3012 all files

There are some cute items, people. 

This dress positively hollers “TLo!”:


And this pair of shorts absolutely screams “The Big One!”:


Plus all that other stuff that looks so interesting.

Any bets on how many totally and completely superfluous items of clothing The Evil Monkeys wind up with this summer?

Of course, that would require that I actually sew them.  Hmph.  Those Ottobre people really know how to be cruel.


  1. LOL - I just blogged about this preview as well. Too much good stuff in this issue!

  2. So kids have plenty of shorts but I really liked the ones in this issue.

  3. I think you picked perfect for them both - and since you didn't make them new Easter dresses...

  4. Ottobre is part of the International Evil Sewing Cabal. You heard it here first!

  5. ADORABLE! I must agree with Ottobre - you should make them allllllllllllllllllll.... lllll.

  6. This issue does look great! Unlike your monkeys, my little monkey could use some summer clothing. I'm sooooo excited for this new Otto to get here.


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