Thursday, May 31, 2012

Charity Begins At Home… Sort Of.

So Angie A. has decided to do this big huge ridiculously awesome project.  No really, ridiculously awesome.  She's making 1000 (that's one thousand) dresses for Little Dresses For Africa.

I'm pretty sure she does this stuff just to make me look bad.

See, here's the thing:  Last week I downloaded a free printable pattern for a cute little racerback knit dress.  The entire purpose of this pattern's very existence is to provide cute little racerback knit dresses for little girls in need in Africa (and elsewhere).

crafterhours racerback

So of course, I made three.   For my own children.  Yep.  My own children. 







I traced out two sizes (having two sizes of Monkeys).  They are insanely easy to make.  Even I managed to do one in about an hour (and that included raising the armscyes on both patterns I cut out because they were gapping a bit at the sides and "showing our business" as TLo says).

In the meantime, I'm scoping out simpler pillowcase dress methods.  This summer the Evil Monkeys are going to try their hand at sewing a dress each and if that goes well, we'll try a dress each for donation.

I hope the little girls in Africa aren't holding their breaths on that one.  Because it could be a looooong wait.


  1. TLo is too cute. They are both really brown - in feeling for the little girls you are NOT making dresses for??? Monkay 1 is still convinced she is a cat, eh? Love them and miss them. meow, meow, meow...

  2. As someone who just whipped up two racerback tank tops for her own monkey, those are really adorable. I keep going back and forth on that project... will have to look into it a bit more.

    1. I've gone back and forth on the entire dress donation concept, but the actual pattern is pretty cute. It does pull at the back just exactly the way she shows in that picture above, but it's still cute and crazy-easy to make. Also a nice way to use up some knit remnants if you have 3/4 or a yard taking up space in your stash.

      I have -ahem- quite a bit more than that.

  3. I love how Tlo is all Miss Swanky Barbie and the Big One is Miss Priss Kitty Paws.

    Now I need to download that pattern too. I can mix it up. Right?

    995 to go. ;)

  4. charity begins at home! Kudos to the thousand dress lady, I think it's a great idea to have you and your girls work on donating one each. Meanwhile, those are some cute dresses, I can see my grandaughter in one.

  5. I should of read your post more carefully and I would of have known about the pattern being more than wide enough. Teach me to not just skim and look at pictures! I like the idea of using it as a top too.

    1. I shortened TLo's into a top pretty successfully and then I got all crazy with it and tapered the side seams so that it's more fitted and not an A-line. That top looks FABulous on round TLo and it's perfect for tennis (which is the new sport of choice for both the Monkeys this summer). I did take out almost a whole inch on both of their armscyes though!


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