Saturday, May 12, 2012

May The Force Be With You…r Hair.

So this year, as I may have mentioned, TLo has given up her Harry Potter obsession in favor of a StarWars obsession.  A much, much deeper StarWars obsession.

It’s super-annoying.

On the other hand, she now gets a whole bunch of jokes in her favorite TV shows that she didn’t get before (i.e. Phineas and Ferb, Wizards of Waverly Place,  That’s pretty…. super-annoying, actually.

Annnnyway, The Big One is also moderately entertained by the whole StarWars concept and here’s what she got for her birthday:


Note the pile of (mostly) StarWars junk on the floor.  That would be Legos and PlayStation games and Wii games and such. 


TLo got one of these too (because we’re Mean Parents, but we’re not so mean as to give The Big One her own light saber and make TLo wait another month to get hers on her birthday).

Of course, TLo has decided that for Halloween she’s going to be Princess Leia (she at least has shown true taste and culture by preferring the first three movies… although we still can’t quite get her to deal with the concept that they are the first three movies and not “Number 4” and “Number 5” and “Number 6”).  So I decided I’d do a little research on costumes, figuring anything we got they could use for dress-up as well.

Seriously people.  You would not believe the poor choices of Princess Leia hair out there.

So…. I made some.  Yes.  You heard me.  I made Princess Leia hair.  Basically it cost me $7.95 in polar fleece, a couple of hours of thought and work and the despair of telling not one, not two, but three Hancock’s employees what I was making with a yard of light brown fleece.

They are really nosy, those Hancock’s people.

Anyway, voilà!  Princess Leia Headbands.  They also double as earmuffs in the winter (and they’re concave so “real” hair can be tucked up into them, for an authentic look….  Fortunately, my clients aren’t very, uh, picky about the realism of their hair).


And, yes. You should be impressed.

Although I totally can not get either one of them to say, “Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi.  You’re my only hope!”


  1. Oh, man, these are TOO rich!! I'm not even going to take the time to try and come up with some theme-appropriate quip because I haven't been immersed in Star Wars lore for a long, long time, it may have even been in a galaxy far, far away.... heh .

    And wow, what a jump start on Halloween.

  2. Just found your blog and loving it. You are likely the highlight of my evening (Ooops, sorry , that's not saying much...I'm rather dull on Saturday evenings). I rEally like your Leia hair. what a fun idea.

  3. Do you think other kids will know what the heck those protrubences are on the sides of their heads? I guess the light sabres will be a big clue. I think you are encouraging this idea because it becomes another Holloween where you can make their costumes out of white bed sheets! Cute.

    1. I have seriously doubts ANYONE will be able to figure out what those things are. They're pretty awful. But I'm not feeling very inclined to make anything better until they start complaining. So far they're pretty happy with them (to judge by the fact that they wore them all through dinner).

  4. LOVE it! My sister and I saw the number one (now number four) at least once a week during summer 1977. I think I've now seen it over a hundred times. In my defense, it's my sister who actually went to the Star Wars conventions, not me. I do have a copy of Simplicity 4443, but I cut it, so I'm sure it's not worth the $45 or so I see on e-Bay.

  5. I am impressed. Star Wars is after all far cooler than Harry Potter (I love both). So young to be developing good taste in movies and franchises. The Princess Leia hair is cute and IMO a great idea.

  6. Too cute! I remember wanting to be princess lea the first time around!

  7. I was so jealous of the OTHER Angela's in first grade, who both had hair long and thick enough to do this. My mom totally should have made me polar fleece side buns. Had there been polar fleece back then. LOVE THEM.

  8. LOVE. LOVE x 1,000!! Those hair buns are BRILLIANT!! What lucky kids!

  9. I really need to make a pair for my girls. My mom used to make me these in my real hair when I was little. The little boy I had a crush on in 2nd grade told me I looked just like Princess Leia and I was in heaven.

  10. Oh my goodness, so fun and clever! One of my friends used to have long long hair, and it's really thick. She *rocked* the Leia buns on Halloween.

  11. Those are awesome! And hey, they can double as pillows for long car rides. :)

  12. Hilarious! And very clever. Those will make a great memory.

  13. The Big One and TLo are so cute!!!!! I love the hair peices.


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