Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Well, at least she's happy with it...

Today we're continuing on with the Great Uniform Interregnum (because I've been crazy busy this week and trying to get The Little One clothed decently ala The Hannah Andersson SWAP. Also, I'm still sick of uniforms.) This weekend I completed a dress, two pairs of leggings and two skirts, plus cut out five more pairs of leggings that just need to be put together.

Oh how I do love leggings! They're cute! They have one pattern piece! They take twenty minutes to sew together! Will the wonders never stop?? They also have the added advantage of being the perfect bottom-wear for the Little One, who could give JLo a run for her money in the derierre department. I finally get why JLo wears so much lycra. (There's still no excuse for sparkly gold spandex pants- under any circumstance- but I do have great sympathy for the fitting issues involved with the Big Booty and now understand how the magic of lycra can absolve a multitude of fitting sins.)

My plan is to give TLo (Ha! I just realized that works!) a completely, or almost completely, mix-and-match wardrobe. In reality it probably will turn out to be a little more mix than match because, well, frankly, I'm just not that organized. But this summer I let TLo pick out her own fabric (yes. be afraid.) and it is basically coordinated. Mostly by dint of it all being pink.

Really pink.

Very very pink.

And flowery. Really very flowery.

The dress I chose for the SWAP was this Ottobre pattern:

Ottobre 3-2008 pattern #12 (Strawberry Tunic)

I was hoping to knock-off this dress:

Hannah Andersson Tunic Dress

This is what I ended up with:

Well hey. It's actually lavender, not pink. It is flowery, though.

It's very large on TLo. But I'm tired of making clothes for her that she can't wear three weeks later, so everything's just going to have to be a little large for a while. I'm going to make at least two more (maybe a teensy tiny little bit smaller).

In our next edition: the cutest ruffle skirts. Ever!


  1. Very cute! What leggings pattern do you use? I am in need of one for my dd's....

  2. For TLo I used Ottobre 1-2007-1. I like Ottobre's fit in their pants, either they have kids shaped like mine or they are really good at sizing for small children (since I only sew for my kids it's hard to say, although they have radically different shapes and both seem to do well so....)

    This is a capri length pattern, but because she's so wide I have to cut a 116-122 for the tummy and hip. So the capri length works out just right at that size as a full length for her stubby little legs. Actually, looking at my notes I guess I did slightly shorten the crotch length/rise so that the 122 didn't go up to her armpits. I think I traced out the 122 width but up to the 110 line. I'll try to take some pictures and do a review or a post on the leggings soon.

  3. Very pretty and cute and she looks so happy with it. I like the Ottobre leggings too.


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