Thursday, March 17, 2011

Howdy Ho, children! It's Saint Patrick's Day!

No wait. That's Mr. Hanky. Maybe it's Mr. Hanky on Saint Patrick's Day.

We did our SPD celebrations last Saturday night at what was, to quote The Husband, "The World's Smallest Saint Patrick's Day Celebration, EVER."  Having grown up and lived in a place that takes it's Irish roots pretty seriously (rumor has it that Saint Paul, MN was at one point the number two contributing US donor to the IRA, second only to Boston... that's right. They gave more money than New York, people. That's alotta of money. Jeez. WTH?), let's just say I'm used to a little more... shenanigans in my SPD celebrations. This one consisted of about 300 people, mostly really drunk college girls dressed for trouble and really drunk college boys who were absolutely thrilled at the trouble they were finding. Whoo. Hoo. Let the good times roll.

Otherwise, we got to hear the Killdares play, who always rock.  I mean, they have a bagpipe player who, again in the immortal words of The Husband, "Plays to the audience like he's in K.I.S.S. or something. Cooool."  Actually, it is pretty cool.

This SPD I'm on my own. No soda bread. No cabbage. No Dreaded Corned Beef.  Everyone (but me) went up to OKC to go to the zoo (it's spring break for the Evil Monkeys and The Husband has today off so I sort of subtly suggested they all Get. Out. Of. Town. -ahem-  It was subtle.)

Anyway, Happy Saint Patrick's Day, people! Try not to throw up too much green beer. (Wait. Does that only happen in Saint Paul... and, uh... Boston... and, uh... New York?)


  1. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you, too. Even though, we in the South don't really celebrate SPD in any real way other than to wear green in case someone might pinch you if you don't, I have recently learned that 1/4 of my roots are Irish!!!! So, i need to learn to celebrate like the Irish Lassie that I am. Oh wait, do you call an old married woman whose a grandma, a lassie? Whatever I am, I need to learn to celebrate with my people. I don't like beer though!

  2. Not a lot of SPD celebrating in my neck of the woods (although any excuse to get drunk is usually embraced with enthusiasm by the young and *ahem* enthusiastic!). I am mostly just cheering because all the craft round up blogs I like to look at will FINALLY stop showing SPD crafts! (I'm the Scrooge of all HolidaysIDon'tCelebrate.)
    But man I love the idea of a bagpipe player in KISS - it would add so much to their stage presence! Now I'll never be able to see a picture KISS without imagining a bagpiper front and centre.....

  3. SPD celebrations are fairly big here. Parades, bars opening at 7am... it's usually a school night, so I never get to participate. The firefighters take it pretty seriously, and have me embroider them matching shirts with green thread. Green money in my pocket for SPD? My favorite kind of green!

  4. Empty house = Best celebration EVER!! Enjoy!

  5. I'm sittin' home alone too. I've had a regular colored beer, and there will be throwing up - I promise.

    I did the race last Sunday to celebrate and skinned my knee, does that count? g

  6. Well if the house is empty then you better be sewing something that you will then proceed to post about. Barring that, get that emergency kit put together!

  7. oh my god, that bagpipe player is the BEST.

    and kudos to you for grabbing yourself a weekend. ruggy was going to watch college basketball with a friend, and i was all, no problem, don't worry about me! (visions of "say yes to the dress", chardonnay and my loud ass overlocker blaring away with no sideways glances). but no, we stayed in and watched battlestar. which was also awesome.

  8. I have to admit, I'm a little bit in love with the bagpipe player. He's hilarious. Actually, they're all funny in their own weird ways. I am of the opinion that this band would be FAMOUS if they would just get a new singer.... currently the drummer is the singer (and I'm guessing writes most of their original songs) and he's a funny, strange guy... but his voice is irritating. Throw in a new singer and they'd be big. Just my studied opinion... you know, because I am the guru of all that is popular music.


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